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Industrial fixtures and fasteners

16 May 2019


  • Software-controlled tensile and compression tester and software
  • Heavy-duty wedge grips
  • Customer-designed specific adapters and fixtures


  • Testing in-house for time and cost efficiency savings
  • Suite of test procedures for a range of high-load load applications
  • Conformance to industry standards with one machine
Historically, SFS intec UK has had to rely on our colleagues in Switzerland for all our product testing and reporting needs. Whilst this produced efficient results, it became apparent that we required a more time friendly and responsive solution for our local customers, so we decided to bring it in-house. Now, with the use of Mecmesin machinery which has been integrated into our facility at Leeds, we are able to offer an additional tailored ‘testing’ service for our UK customers, often much more quickly, whilst producing detailed results and accurate data.

Craig Johnson, Technical Advisor SFS intec
SFS Intec


SFS intec is a global supplier of precision components, special fasteners and mechanical fastening elements, with long-standing customer relationships, in the aerospace, automotive and construction industries. From its UK operational base in Leeds, the company, offers a service to architects and other construction professionals, to test a wide variety of fixings for many different materials.

Testing includes tensile strength, pull-out/pull-over and shear strength according to BS and ISO standards. This analysis was previously undertaken at SFS intec’s Head Office in Switzerland, but ever mindful of its customers’ needs, it was decided that a local solution would enable a faster and more individually tailored response.


Mecmesin provided a MultiTest 25-i twin-column force testing stand, controlled by the powerful Emperor™ software, capable of testing fixings in compression or in tension up to 25,000 Newtons. The Emperor™ software allows programs to be configured very easily and added to a library of tests that can be stored and recalled.

Mecmesin technical sales engineers worked with SFS intec to configure the programs, to produce professional test reports with results and graphical analysis of the data.

Test equipment

  • MultiTest 25-i Twin-column Test Stand
  • ILC-T 25 kN Intelligent Loadcell
  • 20 kN Wedge Grips
  • Custom-made adaptors in combination with fixtures made by SFS intec
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