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Actuation force of touch screen

16 May 2019


  • Software-controlled test stand
  • XY-table to locate the touchscreen specimen correctly


  • Quick and precise alignment of compression probe to screen X-Y position
  • Event input feature gives confidence in actuation load accuracy
We tried to find a solution provider for our application, however no-one was able to provide a clear test method and appropriate test fixtures. We chose Mecmesin as their product is very versatile and gave us the clear, reliable results. This unique system fits perfectly to our application.

Hyeong-kyun, Lee , Q.A. Team, Touch Screen Division,


Korean H Company (now JNTC), based in Korea, is a manufacturer of touch screens used for mobile, navigation and portable media player applications. The company wanted to know the actuation force of the touch screen, used in a navigation device, to ensure proper manufacture and a consistent high quality end product for their customers. Their main priority was to establish that the screen required a uniform level of pressure to activate controls.


Mecmesin supplied a MultiTest 1-i computer-controlled test system, combined with an intelligent loadcell (ILC), an adjustable X-Y table and compression probes.

The touch screen is fixed onto the X-Y table, which allows fine precision alignment of the touch screen underneath the loadcell and compression probe. This enables operators to easily move the touch screen in line with the different test points to measure the uniformity of actuation force across the screen. For better accuracy of results, a lower capacity of loadcell is used for this application. The compression probe is lowered and raised at different force levels to determine the range of forces required to ensure reliable operation of the touch screen.

A decisive factor in the company‘s decision to buy the system was the software‘s ‘event‘ input facility, enabling signals from external devices to be incorporated into EmperorTM. In this case, the touch screen is monitored to register when a switch is activated during the compression test, thereby providing reliable information regarding the actuation forces involved.

Test equipment

  • MultiTest 1-i computer-controlled test frame rated to 1000 N
  • ILC 5N
  • Adjustable X-Y table
  • Compression probes
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