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Mecmesin Solutions for Transport Engineering and Design

Transport engineering involves massive complexity, combined with the most stringent safety-critical features. Whether you are a supplier of components, sub-assemblies or replacement parts, or an OEM brand manufacturer, your reputation will depend on compliance with industry standards, internal specifications and customer expectations at every level. Fast and accurate measurement with reliable force and torque test equipment is an essential part of controlling the quality of your products and assuring total safety and brand perception. Mecmesin systems and instruments are used internationally by leading manufacturers and engineering companies, at component, assembly and full build levels.


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Wire terminals, terminators and connectors

Wire terminals, terminators and connectors

pull-off pull-out        
pull-off / pull-out        

Mecmesin wire terminal strength testers are widely used for versatile and rapid pull testing of standard crimps and welded wire joints and nuggets. Standard and customised fixtures can be provided, with budget machines through to fully programmable touch-screen systems. The same Mecmesin tensile testers can be used to test wire strength, insulating sleeve pull-off and many other related tests.

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 Visit our new dedicated site for wire terminal testing, focused on the specific requirements of quality testing crimped, soldered and welded terminals.




Adhesives, sealants and coatings

Affordable testers and expert service, for adhesives, sealants and coatings

compressive shear test lapshear test peel adhesion test pull-off pull-out test tensile strength test
compressive shear lap shear peel pull-off/pull-out tensile strength

Adhesives, sealants and coatings require testing in a number of quite different ways, depending on their type, location and purpose. How do they perform in actual use? A butt-joint test can be used to pull apart equal bonded surfaces to test either the adhesive bond, or a coating.

For flat coated or painted surfaces, a test dolly may be bonded before being pulled off. This will test the integrity of the bond and the adjacent surfaces, including the performance of multi-layered coatings. Where bonded surfaces are subject to lateral forces, rather than being pulled apart, then a tensile or compressive lap shear test is appropriate. Flexible bonded surfaces are more amenable to peel testing, for example laminated belts. In all cases, Mecmesin has a suitable universal tester and fixtures.



Plastic components and subassemblies

Affordable testers and expert service, for plastic components and subassemblies

compression test pull-off pull-out test tensile strength torque to turn  
compression pull-off / pull-out tensile strength torque to turn  

The only way to test the resilience of many products is to subject them to forces beyond specification, as complete assemblies. It is one thing to test component parts, but how they interact in a complex assembly can be less predictable. It may be the integrity of the item that requires being pulled, pushed or twisted, or a moving part needing to be taken to extremes, but it is the working of the whole together that needs testing.

Does one part distort or break first, and what does this lead to as a consequence? Mecmesin MultiTest tension and compression testers can apply forces from less than 1 kN up to 50 kN. The Emperor™ control and analysis software provides fully-programmed repeatable testing, with complete detail in the response of the assembly to the applied forces. The same tester can be used in tension of compression to apply a variety of tests, with programs recalled at the touch of a button.



Rigid and flexible tubes and connectors

Rigid and flexible tubes and connectors

flexure bend test tensile strength test      
flexure tensile strength      

Don’t let your brand go down the tubes! Your customers can switch suppliers if your quality slips, but accurate, in-house, routine testing is affordable and practical. As gas or fluid conveyors, tubes may be installed and fixed, or mobile and flexible. All will be jointed and connected for purpose, and may be constricted if twisted or bent.

Knowing how far a bend can go, how strong a connection is, what force is required to pull a tube off or push it onto a connector, or to screw the parts together, is vital information, that can be acquired accurately with a tensile or compression tester. Mecmesin testers, for screw torque, flexure, tension and compression can meet all these needs, fully programmed for repeatable testing.




Affordable testers and expert service, for springs

compression test tensile strength test torque to turn    
compression tensile strength torque to turn    

If you produce of use springs, the chances are they are a mix of custom designs and standards. As a designer and producer, you want to know that the actual performance is held very tightly to specification. As a user, you know your brand depends on components such as these being reliable. Mecmesin spring testers are in use for the smallest precision torsion springs (using our Helixa torque tester) to high-end vehicle suspension springs (using our 50 kN MultiTest universal tester).