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Mecmesin Solutions for Transit Packaging

A constant target for transit packaging manufacturers is to provide adequate protection at minimum materials cost and weight. Of the many test types applied, testing board samples is central. Edge, ring and flat crush can be as predictive of strength as whole-box top-load, and can be achieved using a Mecmesin universal tester. Testing of adhesives, taping and strapping, as well as friction, stiffness, tensile strength and puncture resistance can all be performed using the same machines.

Mecmesin testers provide an ideal solution for TAPPI, ASTM, ISO, DIN, FEFCO, Afera and PSTC standards and test methods.

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See examples of our capabilities

Click these examples of products our clients are testing using Mecmesin systems


Adhesives, sealants and coatings

Affordable testers and expert service, for adhesives, sealants and coatings

compressive shear test lapshear test peel adhesion test pull-off pull-out test tensile strength test
compressive shear lap shear peel pull-off/pull-out tensile strength

Adhesives, sealants and coatings require testing in a number of quite different ways, depending on their type, location and purpose. How do they perform in actual use? A butt-joint test can be used to pull apart equal bonded surfaces to test either the adhesive bond, or a coating.

For flat coated or painted surfaces, a test dolly may be bonded before being pulled off. This will test the integrity of the bond and the adjacent surfaces, including the performance of multi-layered coatings. Where bonded surfaces are subject to lateral forces, rather than being pulled apart, then a tensile or compressive lap shear test is appropriate. Flexible bonded surfaces are more amenable to peel testing, for example laminated belts. In all cases, Mecmesin has a suitable universal tester and fixtures.



Boxes and cardboard packaging

Affordable testers and expert service, for boxes and cardboard packaging

compressive burst test compression test box crush test puncture resistance test tear test
compressive burst compression top-load puncture resistance tear

Transit packaging, or shipping containers, of lightweight multi-wall construction are tested for integrity under crush forces, swung-pendulum puncture resistance, drop testing and environmental variance (typically wet testing). Do you have your own regular means of testing new designs and the quality of materials from new suppliers? Mecmesin universal testers are ideally suited to box crush, crease, fold and bend strength, puncture resistance under maintained force, and tear resistance. With suitable fixturing, the range of industry standard methods for testing fibreboard, including edge crush, ring crush, flat crush and stiffness can be performed with our MultiTest range of universal testers.



Chains, slings, strapping and tie-downs

Affordable testers and expert service, for chains, slings, strapping and tie-downs

tensile strength test        
tensile strength        

Do you have the means of testing your lifting straps and cargo tie-downs? Or tow ropes? Haulage companies can save time and money by regularly testing their own for safety compliance.

The haulage and heavy lifting industry use a wide variety of load restraints whose tensile strength must be assured for continued safe use. Clearly the tensile forces required are high, so Mecmesin twin-column MultiTest machines are a natural choice.

Grips suitable for different materials provide the means also for testing stitching, riveting and welds using the same machine.



Paper-based goods

Affordable testers and expert service, for paper-based goods

puncture resistance test tear test friction test    
puncture resistance tear friction    

The virtue of paper is in being highly printable, with good tensile strength. Its tear properties make it suitable for intended easy opening, but can present difficulties in handling. Mechanised print and production moves paper at very high speeds, so understanding the tear resistance of each paper type and its friction properties is very important so that machinery can be properly adjusted. With so many paper types from different sources, and their varieties of coatings, a Mecmesin MultiTest universal tester, programmed for each type of test, is an invaluable cost and time saving investment.



Plastic films and foils

Affordable testers and expert service, for plastic films and foils

friction test compressive burst test penetration resistance test pull-off (blocking resistance) test puncture resistance test
coefficient of friction compressive burst penetration resistance pull-off (blocking resistance) puncture resistance
tear test tensile strength test      
tear tensile strength      

Do you have an accurate and ongoing picture of the performance of your foils or films? Whether as a manufacturer, supplier or user, regular test data and analysis are essential to keep things rolling smoothly.

Films and foils are widely used for labelling and for sealing. In production, inks and adhesives are applied, and they may be heat-sealed onto blister packs or retort containers. They may simply be used to wrap, or be used to create laminates. Friction properties are therefore an essential part of production flow, as are resistance to tearing, stretching and blocking.

Mecmesin MultiTest systems and fixtures provide all you need for any of the required performance tests for your foils and films, including peeling and bursting after application, for example in packaging.



Tear perforations

Affordable testers and expert service, for tear perforations

tear test        

Carton in one hand, half a tear-off strip in the other? It’s all too familiar, but you don’t want it to be your brand. In-house testing of your tear openings is affordable and ensures consumer confidence. Cardboard and paper packaging, bag or paper rolls, regularly employ perforated tear strips for controlled opening and separation. To ensure the die-cutting process is working optimally, samples need to be tested. Specifications and methods will be particular to products, but repeatable testing to expected manual forces as in normal use, is essential.

The pattern of a controlled tear is also important, such that a strip, for example, tears fully end to end without breaking. An affordable Mecmesin tensile tester, with Emperor™ control and analysis software, can perform all your routine packaging tear tests.