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Torque test system controlled via a touch screen interface

Torque tester_Vortex-xt_210

The Vortex-xt - taking torque tests straight onto the production floor

The Vortex-xt brings Quality Control torque testing direct to the point of production. Only two clicks on the touch screen interface are needed to start making routine torque measurements, with instant and clear pass/fail verification. For added versatility, more complex torsion tests can be programmed, stored and accessed by specific users, with a range of calculations available for data interrogation.


For greater versatility and exceptional programming capability, have a look at our computer-controlled test systems.


For precision torque testing (PC-controlled and touch-screen versions) see our Helixa precision torque testers.

Unique Application - Custom Designed Solution

We have an impressive track record of finding solutions to the most unusual applications. For further information, please visit our special applications section or request a callback.


Quick, efficient testing solution




 Five 'favourite' frequently used torque tests can be easily accessed for fast test initiation. Minimal training is needed with the touch screen's simple menu selection interface.

Clear results

Easily and swiftly check sample performance through colour-coded pass/fail indicators. Torque test measurement data is either shown graphically on the large, clear display for 'live' test observation, or in tabulated form, in order to make comparisons between tests.

Evaluation & Reporting




When further evaluation of results is required, a range of calculations are available to help pinpoint areas of interest. Standard and customisable report templates enable easy documentation creation, which can be stored and exported to Microsft Excel® and SPC packages.


The Vortex-xt adapts to suit your changing needs, enabling limitless test programs to be created and stored on the system. Restricted access levels separate administrative tasks from normal everyday test use, preventing accidental damage to programs and important test data.

Transfer data to peripheral devices

Export data direct to a PC, printer or datalogger for further analysis and reporting via USB or wireless network.

Technical Specifications
  • Maximum load of 10N.m
  • Intelligent Torque Loadcell capacities: 0.3N.m, 1.5N.m, 3N.m, 6N.m, 10N.m (2.7lbf.in, 13lbf.in, 26lbf.in, 52lbf.in, 90 lbf.in)
  • Maximum sample height of 448mm (17.6") *
  • Width between columns 280 mm (11")
  • Capacity of upper mounting table from 10 to 78mm (0.39 - 3.1")
  • Capacity of lower mounting table from 10 to 190 mm (0.39 - 7.48")
  • Load accuracy is ±0.5% of full scale
  • Load resolution is 1:6500
  • Speed range of 0.1 - 20 revs/min (clockwise and counter-clockwise)
  • Maximum displacement of 2440 revs
  • 5kg top loading capability
* measured with upper and lower mounting tables fitted
Optional Equipment

Dust Covers

Protect your test stand in dirty and dusty environments with our durable dust covers, featuring Velcro strips for quick fitting and removal

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torque grips and fixtures

Torque testing relies on precise alignment for accurate measurement, for which Mecmesin has a range of versatile standard grips and fixtures. Many applications, however, are difficult to grip or require a matched mandrel, and require a custom grip solution. Mecmesin engineers have a wealth of experience and expertise to meet your specific needs.

For monitoring the calibration accuracy of torque cells, we also have a range of torque reference (‘gold’) bottles.

For advice and more information, contact us now.