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Torque tester puts a cap on plant extinction

Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank Project has chosen a Mecmesin Orbis 6N.m manually-operated closure torque tester for applying caps to bottles containing seed samples from over 14,000 plant species worldwide.

Scientists at the project, which aims to safeguard wild plants from extinction, need to close the bottles of precious seed with precisely the correct torque to achieve a hermetic seal, avoiding moisture ingress and the loss of valuable plant species to future generations. They chose Mecmesin’s highly accurate, yet cost-effective, Orbis system for its ease of use and broad versatility.

Keith Manger, Laboratory Manager at Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank, says,

“The Millennium Seed Bank had a need to quantify the tightness of screw-capped glass bottles used for long term storage of wild plant seed. Having established the optimum torque, the Orbis 6N.m is used routinely to maintain the correct tightness of the caps. The design of the Orbis makes it simple to use and easy to adapt to different containers.”

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