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Torque tester gets new twist

Mecmesin has announced the launch of a new, re-engineered model of their successful Vortex motorised torque testing system.

The potentiometer-controlled tester enables versatile torque measurement of any small rotary component. Typical applications include: screw closures, automotive and aerospace controls, medical devices, electronic rotary switches, mobile phones and toy safety tests.

The Vortex, which has enjoyed successful global sales since it’s initial launch in 1998, enables engineers to optimise component design, and manufacturers to guarantee quality in production and ensure conformance to relevant industry standards. The rugged build quality makes it ideal for use both in testing laboratories and on the factory floor.

The Vortex has been given a sleek new modular design that enables users to purchase each major component separately, avoiding unnecessary expenditure on parts not required. With an extended range of loadcell capacities available, from a sensitive 1.5N.m up to a mid-range 10N.m torque capacity; users can ’build’ their own system tailored perfectly to their testing application.

The new Vortex, now on sale, offers improved testing accuracy. The twin-rods supporting the torque sensor have been re-engineering to be located directly over the central axis of the motor shaft, thus reducing distortion of measuring results and allowing the system to operate more smoothly.

John Page, Managing Director of Mecmesin, said,

“The redesign of the Vortex has primarily been based on feedback and suggestions received from distributors and customers. It is now well placed to meet the market requirements as Mecmesin’s entry level motorised torsion test system.“

The Vortex has now been superseded by the Vortex-d motorised test system.

Find out more about the Vortex-d from Mecmesin.