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Tornado creates storm

The Tornado is designed to assess the low-level torques associated with small rotating components, from packaging closures to electrical controls, and building hardware to medical devices.

Representing a major step forward in portable torque testing, the Tornado boasts an array of advanced capabilities, including pass/fail alerting with five programmable memory settings, a facility to characterise the two torque peaks associated with tamper-evident closures, an onboard memory of up to 500 readings and a bi-directional data interface for easy export of results.

A reliable method of measuring torque is essential in the development and production of small rotary components. It enables designers to perfect the ‘feel’ of their products and allows manufacturers to guarantee quality in production.

Equally at home in the laboratory or at the point of production, the compact and portable Tornado features a tough, water-resistant casing (rated to IP54), fabricated in non-painted polypropylene, making it suitable for use in pharmaceutical environments. Four capacity models are available, ranging from the 1.5N.m option for delicate assessments, to the 3N.m, 6N.m and 10N.m capacity models for increasingly robust applications.v

The Tornado’s digital torque capture electronics provide a far greater level of accuracy over traditional mechanical torque testers, and clear, intuitive controls ensure the unit is just as easy to use. An adjustable mounting plate grips the base of a sample, presenting it for application of clockwise or counter-clockwise torque by hand. Five dedicated function keys on the tester’s membrane keypad provide quick access to the most commonly used functions, whilst a lockable advanced menu navigates the Tornado’s more sophisticated capabilities.

The Tornado is the successor to Mecmesin’s highly popular Orbis range of torque testers. The has now been redesigned into the same robust, waterproof casing as the new Tornado, but with fewer advanced features, to offer a 6N.m capacity entry-level alternative.