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The Perfect Touch…Of A Force Tester

A Korean based company is using a Mecmesin force test system to establish consistent manufacture and touch uniformity for its navigation device touch screens.

A MultiTest 1-i, rated to 1000 N, combined with a 5N load cell, adjustable X-Y table and compression probes enables the Korean H Company to test various points of the touch screen at different force levels to establish reliable operation of the product. The X-Y table provides added versatility offering users fine precision alignment of the touch screen beneath the compression probe, so that multiple points can be tested in quick succession with minimal set-up time required.

Using Mecmesin’s computer-controlled test system provided Korean H Company with use of its software’s ‘event input’ facility. Emperor™ software monitors when a switch is activated during the test, thereby providing reliable data regarding the actuation forces involved.

Hyeong-kyun Lee, part of the Quality Assurance Team at the company comments, “We tried to find a solution provider for our application, however no-one was able to provide a clear test method and appropriate test fixtures. We chose Mecmesin, as their product is very versatile and gave us clear, reliable results. This unique system fits perfectly to our application.”

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