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Tamper-Proof Closure Push-Out Test


Alcoa required a system to quickly test the tamper-proof rings on soft drink and mineral water closures.

The system had to be easy to operate and allow caps to be loaded quickly.


The VersaTest motorised stand with AFG 1000 N gauge allowed the test to be semi-automated so that it was very simple for operators to conduct. Thanks to the special double-loading fixture it was possible for an operator to load a second cap whilst the first was being tested, thereby reducing testing time.

The cap would be placed onto the plunger which was then pushed up to engage the tamper-proof ring over fixed lip. The fixture was rotated to align the plunger with the force gauge. The gauge was then driven down forcing apart the cap and tamper-proof ring and recording the peak load. In total, 6 systems were supplied to Alcoa to cope with the volume of testing required on each production line.


  • VersaTest Motorised Stand (superseded by the MultiTest-dV series)
  • AFG 1000 N Gauge
  • Cap Loading Mechanism

Supplied to

Alcoa, Hungary