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Sports shoe cleats - release torque

Interchangeable sports shoe cleats must be easy to remove and replace, but remain securely locked into the sole when in use. The release torque is measured by a motor-driven, software-controlled Vortex-i test system fitted with custom fixtures to precisely locate the sole specimen and engage with the cleat teeth. Axial load is provided by masses applied by a pneumatic actuator.

Custom fixtures designed to position a golf shoe to remove the cleats ensure highest accuracy

 Custom fixtures on a widened Vortex-i system replicate the cleat removal tool operation with precise repeatable alignment.


A leading golf shoe supplier needed to measure the release torque of the interchangeable cleats in its range of sports footwear. The individual cleats are produced with between six and eight teeth, but all locate into the shoe sole with the same PINS insert system. The cleat removal wrench uses two pins to engage into matching holes to enable the user to unscrew the cleat. The manufacturer wanted an immediate indication of a pass/fail condition based on their test procedure—to ensure the user is able to easily remove the cleats as required, but be confident they will not become loose as the spikes penetrate the ground in normal use.


Immediate pass or fail of release torque value provides a QC check

Real-time graphing and checking against the acceptable release torque criteria displays an immediate pass or fail result.

Mecmesin supplied a Vortex-i computer-controlled test stand with modifications to provide space for clearance of all shoe sizes to rotate during the removal torque test.
Customised fixtures were critical in ensuring the necessary repeatability and ease-of-use. The inserted cleat to be removed is precisely aligned by a gimbal coupled to an X-Y motion table. The upper fixture incorporates two pins to engage with the shallow cleat holes, while a specified axial load is applied to keep the pins located during torque application. For added speed and convenience the load is pneumatically lifted after the test.
EmperorTM Torque software controls the stand and displays the real-time torque to turn vs. angle graph. It measures the recorded peak torque value then compares against acceptable criteria to instantly display the result as pass/fail.


  • Modified Vortex-i torque testing system—wider sample space. 
  • EmperorTM fully programmable torque testing software.
    • Pneumatic weight lift mechanism for axial load application.
  • Special lower fixture including gimbal and X-Y table.
  • Custom upper fixture for cleat locator hole engagement.