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Slippery packaging problems solved by Mecmesin test system

A Coefficient Of Friction (COF) tester, from Mecmesin, is helping packaging manufacturers and their customers improve production methods and reduce wastage by assessing the 'slip' properties of their plastic film, paper and packaging products.

Wherever two surfaces move across one another, there is an element of friction involved. The types of materials used determine how smoothly they move together as some inherently have the tendency to adhere to other surfaces, whereas others slide apart too easily. For example, packaging on a production line must move efficiently from one process to the next. If the packaging has undergone a coating process, this will have undoubtedly changed its frictional value so it may perform differently than expected. Where packaging professionals are concerned, this friction may create problems on the production line where materials/products are misfeeding, causing unnecessary delays and even damage. Coefficient of friction tests enable manufacturers to measure how slippery or adhesive their materials are. They can then determine the best running speeds for processing machinery, ensuring optimum production is maintained, whilst minimising the risk of damage to materials and equipment.

Designed to perform tests to BS EN ISO 8295:2004 and ASTM D1894-06, the Coefficient Of Friction testing system, from Mecmesin, includes a horizontal test table, a sled type weight and relevant attachments with which to perform each test. The COF tester can be employed to measure both the peak force required to initiate movement of the sample (known as static friction) and the average force required to maintain movement (known as kinetic or dynamic friction).

Mecmesin's latest version of the COF tester offers customers automatic calculation of both the static and dynamic coefficients of friction. The MultiTest-i computer-controlled test system is an advanced testing platform, which is operated via a PC, providing customers with total programming control. A graphical display offers detailed test information and makes easy identification of anomalies such as 'stiction', where the surface judders during dynamic slip.

An added advantage of this system is its ability to perform tensile tests on packaging materials to measure stretch resistance and durability. This offers packaging professionals a highly cost-effective, dual-purpose testing system, which is ideal for the production environment.

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