Shock tube detonator tensile test


  • Software-controlled tensile test stand
  • Custom grips to suit the exact requirement
  • Wedge grip


  • Taller column accommodates all the test specimens
  • Ability to write bespoke test procedures
  • Automatic data transfer of the QC results


A manufacturer of non-electric shock tube detonators for industrial applications had a specialist tensile testing requirement. Laid in long surface networks to initiate explosives, the high tensile strength nylon tubing must retain its integrity in the most rugged of environments or risk losing its reliability and accurate timing. As part of its quality control system for this safety-critical product, the company needed to test each kind of shock tubing in a consistent way.


The high elasticity of the tubing required a Mecmesin MultiTest 1-i with an extended-height test column. Custom-made sample grips avoid pinching and weakening the test sample. The Emperor™ software was programmed for each type of tubing, and provides real-time characteristics graphing, batch recording, and reporting for quality analysis. Automatic control removes operator error and guarantees complete consistency and reliability in testing. The company is very satisfied with the accuracy, versatility and the ease with which test sequence programmes can be changed.

Test equipment

  • MultiTest 1-i test stand with extended-height column
  • 500 N intelligent load cell
  • Custom-made peg grips

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