Medical devices testing

16 May 2019


  • Software-controlled test stand
  • Custom fixture to hold a range of specimens and grips


  • One system to perform a range of tests
  • Repeatable testing in-house.
  • Calculations and data flexibility from the software


To provide a low cost, flexible tensile test machine which could be used in conjunction with special fixturing, to perform a range of functional and destructive tests on a range of products. Medical devices included Laryngeal masks, valves and the materials used in mask manufacture. A typical product tested included an anaesthetic throat tube made of delicate silicone rubber.


The customer, a materials scientist, was highly familiar with tensile test machines.

The Mecmesin equipment made the testing quick and easy. The Emperor software was easy to use allowing for flexible programming and repeatability. Calculations with good exporting and graphics facilities enabled final reporting of product results. Interchangeable grip fixtures allowed for tension testing of the various medical devices.

Test equipment

  • 2500 N Imperial Test Stand
  • Emperor Software
  • 250N ILC
  • Load Cage (customer supplied)
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