Flip-cap force test

16 May 2019


  • Motorised test stand
  • Digital gauge for display
  • Hook accessory to engage under the flip-cap lid


  • Simple and repeatable test procedure
  • Low cost
  • Easy to switch accessories to differnt cap designs


A repeatable test system to check the opening force of flip cap lids, accommodating 3 different diameter caps with minimal fixture changeover. Prevention of accidental loadcell damage was also a pre-requisite as this had been a problem previously at Betts Ltd.


Mecmesin offered a complete solution to the problem, manufacturing a system of mandrels for each cap diameter, which orientated the flip section of the cap in the correct position under the loadcell probe. Time was spent over comparative testing with overseas factories in the Betts group to prove the accuracy and repeatability of the test system.

A micro-switch assembly was fitted to the test system, preventing operation of the system if the product was located fully home in the correct position. This eliminated the high level of damaged loadcells.

The solution was provided at a relatively low cost in comparison to the Instron system currently used in the Betts test lab. Mecmesin were also able to offer a unique fixturing and design service.

Betts are now a key-account customer, with Mecmesin supplying a number of force measurement systems into their 2 UK factories.

Test equipment

  • VersaTest Stand
  • AFG 500 N
  • Flip-Cap Accessory
  • 3 Test Mandrels
  • Base Location Fixture with Spring-Loaded Microswitch Cut-Out
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