Filter test station

16 May 2019


  • Software-controlled test stand
  • Bespoke range of fixtures


  • Multiple tests performed on one machine
  • High-load destructive tests able to be performed


The following tests were required in a simple-to-use system for a series of tests on automotive filters:

  • Tension force to break off the outlet tube from the housing.
  • Compression force to penetrate through the inlet housing of the filter.
  • Push-out force until break of a suspended base inside the air filter.
  • The operator was able to quickly interchange the fixtures to minimise the time needed for testing.


Two holders accommodated the various sizes of filter on the lower moving crosshead of the test stand. An 'L' shaped fixture connected to the S-beam loadcell was designed to accept either tension or compression probes. A cone point probe was used to perform the penetration test on the inlet housing. A horizontal location probe fitted into the hole of the outlet tube to pull it off from the filter housing. Both the maximum compression and maximum tension force for these tests were captured on the AFTI display.

The top portion of the air filter was then sawn off to allow access to the suspended base inside. The dumb-bell probe was placed inside the filter on the top of the filter base. The probe was then compressed until the base broke at forces in excess of 5 kN. Forces were applied using the 10 kN capacity test stand in the 'manual' mode, then the operator released the load when the filter was observed to break.

Test equipment

  • M10KNE Motorised Test Stand (Superseded by MultiTest 10-xt)
  • 10 kN S-Beam loadcell (Superceded by ILC-T 10 kN loadcell)
  • AFTI display (Not required on MultiTest-xt touch screen testers)
  • Univeral fixtures
  • Swivel mounting bracket (Not required on MultiTest-xt testers)
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