DVD removal force test

16 May 2019


  • Software-controlled force tester and software
  • Standard fixtures to hold the sample as per standard
  • Custom fixture to locate the disk case


  • Semi-automated testing to the comapny standard
  • Reapeatable QC checking process to optimise production


The customer, a leading supplier of boxed DVD’s, had experienced a wide variation in the amount of force required to remove the DVD from the central spigot of the case. In extreme cases, this resulted in damage to the actual disc.

The customer needed to test the removal force of the DVD to ensure consistency in their manufacture, whilst enabling end-users to easily detach the DVD from its packaging.


A 1000 N capacity MultiTest-i computer-controlled test system was provided by Mecmesin, combined with a 250N intelligent loadcell (ILC), compression probe and case support fixture.

To carry out a repeatable removal force test method, measuring the release force of the DVD media from its dedicated plastic casing, the central spigot is placed directly under the loadcell.

The loadcell is then driven down at a constant speed until a load reading is detected, signifying the DVD has moved and the release process has started. The load, at this point, is then recorded and saved as the test result.

The MultiTest-i test frame offers excellent accuracy and the ability to view results graphically, enabling the company to clearly identify the release force in every test.

Test equipment

  • MultiTest 1-i computer-controlled test frame rated to 1000 N
  • ILC 250N
  • Case support fixture
  • Compression probe
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