Needle to ferrule pull-out test

13 December 2018


  • Manually-operated test stand
  • Digital force gauge
  • Specific accessories to hold small components safely


  • Simple and quick test with operator control
  • Safety guard to protect users from fracturing components
  • Clear and immediate peak force indication


The customer, Oxford Instruments, wished to perform a destructive pull-out test to evaluate the maximum tension force to pull the 2 components apart. The system was designed to confirm the tensile integrity of the crimped ferrule on the end of a hypodermic needle.


The system was constructed using a Manual Test Stand and an Advanced Force Gauge with the needle held in a self-tightening Wedge Grip. The ferrule was supported in a Universal Support Fixture.

The customer required a relatively low-cost solution which provided flexibility for various component variations and ensured the operator was protected during the course of the test from fracture and breakage of the sample.

The combination of Small Wedge Grip and Universal Support Fixture enabled a wide range of component variations to be tested. A full surround guard was supplied with the system to ensure operator safety at all times.

Test equipment

  • MDD Test Stand
  • Advanced Force Gauge 100 N
  • Small Wedge Grip
  • Universal Support Fixture
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