Testing metal shutter raw material for tensile strength

12 December 2018
  • Software-controlled twin-column force testing system
  • Selection of load cells with capacities to match test loads
  • Powerful wedge grips for holding low-friction metal components


  • Flexible programming environment to create bespoke test routines
  • Fixtures specifically suited to product gripping
  • Confidence to perform several safety tests and internal R&D tests
Not being an expert in force measurement, I have found Mecmesin to be an extremely capable partner in this field. They ensure that test solutions are found, they offer training in the use of the equipment and they are a competitive supplier of the service and calibration of all our measuring equipment.

Michaël Valdenaire, Quality Engineer
Soprofen Industrie


Soprofen Industrie is a leading French manufacturer of metal roller shutters and garage doors.

They approached Mecmesin because they wanted to develop new force testing methods to improve the quality control of their raw materials and finished products.

Soprofen have a number of different test applications, which include determining the tensile strength and elongation limit of aluminium and steel samples and testing the strength of their clip mountings and sliding crimped rings.

As a result they required a flexible solution that would allow them to develop a range of different tensile tests.


Mecmesin supplied Soprofen with a twin-column MultiTest 10-i force testing system, driven by Mecmesin's powerful Emperor™ Force software.

A range of metal samples were placed between two 25 kN Wedge Grips and aligned to minimise bending. The samples were pulled until failure and the results used to measure the "elongation-at-break" and "tensile strength" of the metal.

One of the key criteria in the choice of the MultiTest 10-i by Soprofen Industrie was that the twin-column test system offered the necessary rigidity for analysing the tensile strength of a wide range of materials.

The versatile MultiTest 10-i was also used to conduct cyclic sliding force tests on Soprofen's shutter clip mountings and sliding crimped rings, ensuring they are strong enough to function correctly and safely.

The MultiTest 10-i combined with the power of Emperor™ software in French, provided Soprofen with full automated control of all test parameters, including cyclic testing and the ability to display test results graphically within the software.

Test equipment

  • MultiTest 10-i twin-column test stand
  • Emperor™ software
  • ILC-T 10 kN and ILC-S1000 N loadcells
  • 25 kN Wedge Grip for tensile testing
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