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Product Safety - Capability Statements

CD007 Airbag Connector 220

Pull-testing of safety critical welds in vehicle airbags

Automotive safety-critical systems, such as welds in vehicle airbag connectors, require rigorous testing for zero defects. Pull-off and pull-out testing to destruction at a constant and consistent speed and with complete repeatability enables maximum conformity to quality control standards. To enable the testing to be performed by production staff on the factory floor, special customised quick-release fixtures, enabling batches of test samples to be changed very simply for maximum throughput, enhance the suitability of this solution for automotive assembly applications. Data output is easily achieved from digital gauges for transmission to the organisation’s Statistical Process Control (SPC) software.

Mecmesin Systems: MultiTest motorised test system, digital force gauge

Case Study: Safety-critical welds in vehicle airbags


CD016 safety net bollard grip 220 Construction safety netting tensile strength testing

Product safety in the construction industry is critical and test standards are in place to ensure that the protection of workers is maintained. Safety nets, specifically, are used for arresting falls from scaffold systems and also for protection from falling debris. A supplier of these products must adhere to strict quality processes as the nets are returned, repaired and tested for tensile strength, against the manufacturer’s criteria for withdrawal, and industry standards. Age, wear and tear, and UV degradation all contribute to the reduction in the strength of nets over time. The use of bollard grips, designed for the retention of samples of the nature of rope, cord, string, fibre, yarn, thread or tape, provides secure clamping of the individual net cell whilst minimising the risk of “jaw break”. Performing these tests at an in-house facility means that nets are set aside for assessment for the least time, those nearing minimal compliance can be monitored, and all those meeting standards have an immediate certification. Additionally, test control software provides consistent speed, force and displacement, acquires detailed data for analysis, and shows an instant pass/fail indication.

Mecmesin Systems: MultiTest motorised test system, large circular bollard grips, Emperor™ (Force)

Case Study: Construction safety netting certification testing