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PCB Component Pull-off Test


An easy-to-use system was required for production staff on the factory floor to perform occasional batch tests. The test was to be made on a PCB assembly used in domestic appliances.

A connector strip was bonded to the circuit board. The strength required to break the bond was then measured to ensure product integrity.


A simple lower grip was made to hold down the PCB under a retaining bar. Since the test was destructive causing the PCB to be thrown away after the first test, it was not important that the retaining bar was compressed against other components during the test.

The 20 mm wide connector strip was secured in a Parallel Jaw Grip attached to the Advanced Force Gauge (AFG). The operator used the manual control of the UltraTest to apply load at 200 mm/min until the connector strip broke. The maximum tension force (approx. 40N) was recorded on the AFG display and was noted manually on a result-sheet.

A combination of simplicity, price and performance were key factors in the customer's decision to purchase the system.


  • UltraTest Motorised Test Stand (superseded by the MultiTest-dV series)
  • 100 N AFG
  • Parallel Jaw Grip

Supplied to

Tyco Electronics, Hungary