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New quality testing machines designed especially for use on production floor

Mecmesin has developed a new range of compact console-controlled compressive and tensile testing systems for quality control testing in manufacturing.

MultiTest-x test frames assess quality of manufactured products, components and materials by measuring the ability of samples to sustain applied loads - in tension or compression.

The MultiTest-x has been designed especially for operation in production areas. It is a stand-alone system with an integral LCD control console making it ideal for use in environments which would not be suitable for PC-controlled systems. The system is lightweight yet rugged with a particularly small ‘footprint’.

Up to five test procedures can be created and stored with associated calculations and pass/fail criteria. Once programs have been developed they can be password-protected. Subsequent shop floor operation could then hardly be simpler – a matter of loading a sample, pressing the [Start] button and waiting for test results to be displayed.

When more sophisticated analyses are required, the software supports RS232 communication with external devices, e.g. PCs or dataloggers, enabling test procedures and results to be downloaded, archived and processed.

The system allows cyclic testing and features real-time compensation for deflection of the test frame, fixtures and loadcell – making it particularly suitable for spring testing and straightforward materials testing applications.

Single-column MultiTest-x systems are currently available with capacities of 1kN, 2.5 kN and 5 kN, but twin-column machines with substantially greater load capacities are planned for the future.