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MultiTest-i Product Overview Video

This video is an overview of Mecmesin's MultiTest-i computer-controlled force measurement system, the ideal solution for tensile and compression testing in Quality Control and R&D laboratories. The MultiTest-i is available in a range of single and twin-column models covering the range from 500 N to 50 kN.

Mecmesin's powerful Emperor™ software controls all the MultiTest-i test systems. These top-of-the-range tensile and compression testers come fully programmable, with a suite of calculations, sample test programs and a comprehensive evaluation and analysis tools.

MultiTest-i systems are used worldwide for performing industry standard test methods for products and materials of all kinds. The versatile MultiTest-i can be used for a wide variety of test applications including coefficient of friction, flexure/bend testing, peel testing, spring testing, tear strength and top-load testing.