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MultiTest - a new range of tension and compression test frames

Mecmesin Limited has launched ‘MultiTest’ a new range of motorised single-column tension and compression testers.

The basic MultiTest range, with a suitable capacity BFG (Basic Force Gauge) or AFG (Advanced Force Gauge) forms the basis of budget-priced systems where a single maximum force needs to be captured.

The MultiTest–x range (MultiTest 2.5-x, illustrated) features console-controlled machines, with load, displacement and crosshead speed being displayed. System features include: dynamic zeroing, running to load, length, time or break, loadholding and averaging.

The MultiTest-i range is fully-controlled by Mecmesin’s powerful, flexible and user-friendly ‘Emperor’ software. This system is ideal for developing sophisticated test procedures and analyses. MultiTest-i systems are available with load capacities of up to 5000 N.