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MultiTest 25-xt programmable universal tester

MultiTest 25-xt (25 kN)

Force testing system, designed with a touch screen interface, for tension and compression measurements

The MultiTest 25-xt is Mecmesin's mid-range programmable, yet self-contained force testing system rated to 25 kN. Using a touch screen interface, it is ideal for the production environment, where repeatable, accurate routine tests are performed, and requiring minimum set-up time and training.

The system uses Mecmesin’s high performance Intelligent Loadcells for excellent resolution and outstanding accuracy.

Key Benefits at a Glance
  • Self-contained system - no PC required
  • Measures force and displacement
  • Create and store as many test programs as you need
  • Five 'favourite' buttons for direct access to frequently used programs
  • Results can be displayed as 'pass' or 'fail'
  • Upgradable to run programs written in Mecmesin's powerful Emperor™ software
  • Password protection to safeguard programs
  • Auto recognition and configuration of loadcells
Technical Specifications
  • Compression and tension testing
  • Maximum load of 25 kN (5500 lbf)
  • 400 mm (15.7") clearance between columns
  • Crosshead movement up to 950 mm (37.4") *
  • Space to fit a sample of 1140 mm (44.9") *
  • 10 different loadcell capacities from 50 N to 25 kN (11 to 5500 lbf)
  • Load resolution of 1:6500
  • Loadcell accuracy of
    ±0.1% of full scale from 2 N to 2.5 kN
    ±0.2% of full scale from 5 kN to 25 kN
  • Speed range of
    1 to 1000 mm/min (0.04 to 40"/min) up to 10 kN
    1 to 500 mm/min (0.04 to 20"/min) above 10 kN
  • Weight 145 kg (320 lb)

* measured without loadcell or grips (See technical datasheet for loadcell measurements)

If your test requires more extensive programming capabilities and comprehensive data analysis tools, have a look at our computer-controlled MultiTest 25-i system.

Grips & Fixtures
test accessories and fixtures

Every application requires the right fixture to ensure reliable, accurate tensile test measurement. Find the one that suits your application from Mecmesin's extensive range of test accessories.

We also specialise in manufacturing custom-designed grips to meet particular criteria specifications. For advice and more information, contact us now.


Unique Applications

We have an impressive track record of finding solutions to the most unusual applications.

For further information, please visit our special applications section or request a callback.

Automated testing = Maximum efficiency

Test Automation

The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) or Digital Control Interface facilitates additional automation, enabling control of external devices, which can perform other tasks normally undertaken manually. Using a PLC allows tests to run safely without the requirement of an operator present, thereby maximising productivity, lowering costs and minimising mistakes, often caused through human error.

Follow this link to view how a PLC can work in conjunction with a Mecmesin test system