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Mecmesin turn out 4 new torque testers

Mecmesin, manufacturers of force and torque test equipment, have developed four new closure-torque testing systems as an extension of their highly successful Orbis range.

The existing Orbis and Orbis TE systems, launched in 2002, are used throughout an array of manufacturing and processing industries as well scientific institutions to assess the closure and release torques of screw-lid containers. The ‘TE’ denominates an additional facility to measure slip and bridge torques of tamper-evident closures.

Prompted by strong sales globally, the range has been extended to offer two higher torque capacity models; the Orbis 10 and Orbis 10 TE, both featuring a 10N.m torque range suited to more robust applications, as well as two lower capacity variants; the Orbis 1.5 and Orbis 1.5 TE, both with a 1.5N.m torque range for more delicate sample assessment. The existing 6N.m torque range models have been renamed the Orbis 6 and Orbis 6 TE.

The new systems boast the same advanced electronics of their predecessors with a 1000Hz sampling rate for accurate peak torque capture, and the same lightweight yet rugged design, making them equally at home both in the laboratory and on the production floor.

The closure-torque of a screw-lid container is a key determinant in guaranteeing the integrity and security of its contents during storage and transportation. The bottle cap of a carbonated drink, for instance, must be applied with sufficient torque to ensure the beverage retains its effervescence, whilst at the same time remains sufficiently easy for the consumer to unscrew.

All Orbis systems feature a clear digital display to present measurements in a comprehensive range of SI and imperial units, and an RS232 output socket to easily export results to a PC for statistical analysis and reporting.

John Page, Managing Director of Mecmesin said,

“Through continued close dialogue with our customers, we have identified the very real need amongst designers, engineers, quality managers and scientists using closure-torque testing systems for a greater range of torque capacity options to better fulfil their testing requirements.”

The Orbis and Orbis TE have now been superseded by the Orbis Mk2 and Tornado torque testers.

Find out more about the Orbis Mk2 manual digital torque tester from Mecmesin.