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Mecmesin Tests The Measure Of A Blog

Mecmesin specialists are using the blog to write about issues concerning force and torque and how they affect our everyday lives. It will include useful test measurement tips, as well as, featuring some of the application test solutions used to solve a myriad of quality control concerns for manufacturers today.

The first blog discusses force measurement with reference to the man behind the theory of force, Sir Isaac Newton, whilst subsequent blogs cover topical issues, such as Wimbledon – the quality of tennis balls, and the use of touch screen technology in satellite navigation systems.

Embracing social media, the blog complements Mecmesin’s strategy to use digital channels as a means of encouraging 2-way interaction with customers and those interested in the topic of force measurement.

The company have also recently released their first enewsletter, ‘New Measures’, and are continuing to expand their web presence internationally, having recently launched their Spanish, German and French language websites in direct relation to their own corporate website www.mecmesin.com.

Mecmesin’s blog can be viewed at www.torque-about-force.com.