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Mecmesin ‘pops the cork’ for safer Champagne opening

Sibel, a major cork manufacturer in France, is using a Mecmesin torque tester to measure cork extraction force as a safety precaution for Champagne and sparkling wine.

‘Popping’ corks often requires different levels of strength to be applied with an uncertain outcome of the corks behaviour, proving hazardous in some circumstances. Sibel now produce MYTIK® corks, which have been designed and manufactured to make uncorking much easier. To guarantee product quality and consistent manufacture, Sibel sought a test product that could mimic the physical action of uncorking a bottle as performed everyday by consumers.

Mecmesin provided a digital system using a 10N.m smart torque screwdriver, which measures the torque required to begin rotation of the cork, and an Advanced Force Gauge (AFG), which is used as a measurement display for the torque sensor. A dedicated accessory ensures a secure grip around the cork to enable its safe release.

The use of this system provided significantly better accuracy and repeatable measurements in comparison to human judgement alone. It is also considered to be a quick and easy method for the company to perform quality checks before products are shipped.

Frédéric Junge, Quality Manager at Sibel comments,

“ As a responsible supplier, we are committed to ensuring safety within our products. The solution provided by Mecmesin means we can monitor the extraction force of our corks to guarantee our customers receive a consistent end product. “

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