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Mecmesin moves up a weight division

Mecmesin has launched two new computer-controlled, compressive and tensile testing machines for quality control testing in manufacturing industry. In quality control laboratories throughout the world Mecmesin single-column motorised test stands have already established themselves as the basis of cost-effective systems for assessing quality by measuring the response of samples to applied loads.

The introduction of the twin-column MultiTest 10-i and MultiTest 25-i materials testing machines now enables quality professionals to specify affordable, high performance Mecmesin equipment for testing significantly larger specimens to loads of up to 25,000 newtons. The new systems are controlled by Mecmesin’s, recently-enhanced and upgraded, ‘Emperor’ software which has been specifically designed for developing sophisticated procedures and analyses for testing manufactured products, components and materials, in tension or compression.

Both machines are driven by twin, pre-loaded, synchronised ballscrews. Each test frame has been designed to deliver unparalleled stiffness – often vital in high load, low elongation testing applications.

The increased load capacity and a 400 mm gap between the columns allows much larger samples to be accommodated, To take full advantage of this increased capacity Mecmesin is also launching a new range of grips and fixtures necessary for such applications.