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Test Summary

This Part of BS 5G 178 specifies the design requirements and tests for components and tools for the crimping of insulated and non-insulated terminals and splices to general purpose electrical cables or equipment wires for aircraft with conductors of copper, copper alloy, aluminium or aluminium alloy, in locations in which the stabilized conductor temperature does not exceed the value specified for the relevant type of cable.

The standard prescribes a series of tests to be performed in a defined sequence. These include:

  • Visual inspection of tooling, connectors and completed joints in correspondence with approved drawings.
  • Voltage drop test
  • Salt spray test
  • Load and temperature cycling
  • Tensile test

Mecmesin can supply equipment to test the tensile load of crimped connectors

Test Procedure

The tensile load test may be performed on its own or as part of the full range of test which should be conducted in the order given in the standard. Sufficient quantities of crimped joint should be made to fulfil the minimum number of replicates for the entire test sequence as planned.

  1. Visually inspect the conductors, crimps and tooling to ensue all are in accord with their relevant approved drawings.
  2. Form the crimped connection as detailed in the standard and in according to the manufactures instructions.
  3. Follow the sequence of testing given with the prescribed number of test specimens for each stage.
  4. For the tensile test, note the instruction to render the insulation support ineffective if this is required.
  5. Test each sample by loading into the jaws/receptacle of the motorised tester and pulling the joint to destruction at a steady rate of 25 – 50 mm/min. Check that the pull-off load does not fall below the minimum values given in the standard.

Test Apparatus

Mecmesin Test Equipment Required for BS 5G-1:1993

  • CrimpTest-1 kN bench top pull tester. The CrimpTest-1kN is a horizontal, motorised wire terminal tester, designed for ease of use, rapid throughput and high duty cycle operation up to 1 kN pull-off load.
  • [Please refer to the latest official BS 5G 178-1:1993 standard for more detailed information. This overview is intended to provide a basic understanding of the test procedure and suitable equipment to meet the standard.]

Measuring The Pull-Off Load For Crimped Electrical Joints

CrimpTest-1 kN product overview video

BS 5G 179-1:1993 with CrimpTest-1 kN motorised wire terminal tester

CrimpTest-1 kN testing crimped termination

BS 5G 179-1:1993 with CrimpTest-1 kN motorised wire terminal tester

Crimped connectors

BS 5G 179-1:1993 with CrimpTest-1 kN motorised wire terminal tester

Instant Pass/Fail result