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Lighting Weld Test


A simple, low-cost fixture was specified by the customer for the Quality Control Laboratory. This was to hold a lighting assembly in a test where the welded contacts were pulled off.

A Motorised Test System was specified as the test needed to be repeatable and accurate.


A multi-purpose Small Wedge Grip was used to hold both electrical contacts. The bulb assembly was held inside a mounting fixture attached to the Motorised Test Stand.

To prevent point contact and possible damage to the bulb assembly, 2 pegs with rubber sleeves were used to secure it. The contacts were pulled to destruction at a test speed of 50 mm/min with peak load being captured at a fast rate of 1200HZ to ensure a high degree of repeatability between tests. A cable between the AFG and VersaTest Stand was used to automatically reverse the crosshead of the stand to its start position after the contacts were broken.


  • VersaTest Motorised Test Stand (superseded by the MultiTest-dV series)
  • 1000 N AFG
  • Bulb Assembly Mounting Fixture
  • Small Wedge Grip

Supplied to

GE Thorn Lighting, UK