Amphibio has been using the Mecmesin Multitest 2.5i to assess the mechanical properties of single fibres, yarns and textiles made of various materials for their suitability in the sportswear and performance textiles market. We needed equipment that would be able to provide us with repeatable and reliable results whilst being easy to use. By using this equipment, we have been able to make key decisions going forward in our material development by determining yarns and fibres with the most suitable mechanical properties. The grips recommended to us as well as the software interface make testing efficient and easy, allowing us to obtain rapid results. Overall, we are extremely happy with the service offered by Mecmesin, particularly because they were able to accommodate our needs during difficult COVID times and were also able to offer us our desired equipment rental agreement period which fit with our budget.

Deana Tsang, Design Engineer
Amphibio Ltd

Case study
ASTM D3217 Breaking Tenacity test of a single fiber in a knot configuration.
"AFG 2500 N으로 최대 몇 뉴턴의 힘을 측정하는 것만으로는 조사를 진행할 수 없었고 Mecmesin은 우리가 수집하는 데이터의 품질을 즉각적으로 개선 한 더 민감한 AFG 10N을 친절하게 빌려주었습니다."

Alex Radford, 학부생 (물리학과)
더럼 대학교

Case study
힘 테스터와 페어링 된 AFG
이 테스트 시스템은 우리의 요구에 완벽하게 적합하므로 신뢰할 수 있고 정확한 결과를 확실하게 얻을 수있는 여러 테스트를 수행하는 데 필요한 유연성을 제공합니다. 이러한 품질 측정을 사내에서 수행한다는 것은 더 이상 외부 테스트 실험실의 서비스가 필요하지 않기 때문에 상당한 비용을 절감한다는 것을 의미합니다.

Jordi Vives-Talló, 엔지니어
울트라 매직

Case study
열기구 직물 인열 시험 및 인장 시험기
We use the MultiTest-x regularly, approximately 40 hours every week. It continues to be reliable and saves us money by enabling us to tests in-house. Mecmesin were able to offer advice regarding fixtures and designed an ideal solution for our testing needs, which remained competitively priced.

Tony Freeman, Director
William Lamb Footwear

Case study
MultiTest and tensile testing fixtures suitable for footwear safety checks

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