Magnet pull tester


  • Pull Test Kit with standard accessories
  • Included digital force gauge


  • Portable, practical, complete set of equipment
  • Convenient and easy to use for quick, regular, routine quality control testing


Magnetic separators trap and remove ferromagnetic foreign bodies from product streams, in order to guarantee high product quality and prevent damage to machinery and processing equipment. They are commonly used across many industries, but are particularly important in food and pharmaceutical sectors to remove potentially harmful metal contaminants.

The magnetic field of a separator is produced using either a permanent magnet or an electromagnet. Whilst electromagnets create a magnetic field by passing electric current through a coil, permanent magnets rely on Rare Earth magnets to generate the field. Ensuring consistent performance and efficiency of your magnetic separator is crucial and can be monitored by using a Pull Test Kit to measure the holding power of a magnet.


Mecmesin has teamed up with Eriez, a world leader in separation technologies, to provide the CFG+ 200N digital force gauge as part of the Eriez Pull Test Kit. A pull test probe is attached to the force gauge and a non-magnetic spacer of a pre-defined thickness is placed upon the magnet to create a known field gap. The pull test probe is then lifted slowly and smoothly by the operator until it separates from the magnet. The holding-power of the magnet is captured by the CFG+ 200N digital force gauge and recorded. Using the Eriez Pull Test Kit for periodic inspection will allow you to monitor and evaluate any changes in the magnetic performance of your separator.

For more details and how to purchase, please visit Eriez Pull Test Kit

For existing users of the Eriez Pull Test Kit who may have lost or damaged the CFG+ 200N digital force gauge and require a replacement, or simply require its calibration, please contact your local Mecmesin representative.

Test equipment

  • Compact Force Gauge CFG+ 200N as part of an Eriez Pull Test Kit

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