Toy testing to attachment strength safety standards

13 December 2018


  • Manually-operated test stand
  • Digital force gauge
  • Specific accessories to hold small detachable parts safely


  • Simple and quick test with operator control
  • Confidence to meet child safety check requirements
  • Clear and immediate peak pull-off force indication
The Mecmesin test stand, force gauge and accessories meet all our in-house testing requirements and are quick and easy-to-use. Mecmesin equipment is an important tool in our Product Safety and Quality Assurance System.

Steve Brooker,
Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd


The customer supplies plush giftware to retailers such as Clintons. Their plush products are manufactured to European toy safety standard BS EN 71-1:1998 (Safety of toys - Part 1: Mechanical and physical properties).

To meet this standard small parts attached to the plush must withstand a 90 N tension test.


To meet the specification Mecmesin supplied a test system consisting of a MDD manual test stand, an AFG 250N digital force gauge and a variety of fixtures, suitable for testing a wide variety of plush toy shapes and sizes.

This system enabled the customer to determine that the small parts on the plush toys could resist a specified force, meeting the requirements of the European toy safety standard and assising in product design.

Test equipment

  • MDD test stand
  • AFG 250N digital force gauge
  • Small parallel jaw grip
  • Multi Jaw gripping fixture
  • Modified multijaw gripping fixture
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