Double-action vice grips with rubber-faced jaws, typically for peel-testing on the FPT-H1 horizontal tester. 8 mm QC fitting. Sold as a pair.

A Lightweight Single-action Vice Grip used for peel and delamination testing of pressure-sensitive adhesives used in tapes and films.

Fitted with 25 mm-wide, rubber-coated jaws with an opening of 0-6 mm. Rated to 100 N in tension.

For use on the FPT-H1 horizontal tester via 8 mm QC connection. Sold as a pair.
FPT-H1 25 mm vice grip
FPT-H1 T-peel test plastic film wrapper seam
FPT-H1 T-peel test plastic film wrapper seam
FPT-H1 T-Peel Jig, QC fitting FPT-H1 T-Peel Jig, QC fitting

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Quick Change First thread
8 mm F /
80 g
432-642-FPT-H1-25mm-vice 432-642-FPT-H1-25mm-vice
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