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Mecmesin Test Solutions for Products in the Home and Office

A wide variety of products, from appliances and tools to consumables and furniture, find their way into domestic and office environments, covered by performance requirements and for durability and safety. They succeed by being tested for a lifetime of being pushed, pulled and twisted. Mecmesin force and torque testers are ideally positioned for routine quality testing, or for design development and improvement.

Test to ASTM, BS EN, ISO, DIN, CEN, OHSAS international standards, or to internal design specification

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Home and Office

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Affordable testers and expert service, for brushes

pull off pullout Flexure bend coefficient of friction    
pull-off / pull-out flexure friction    

The quality of all brushes is in their ability to provide a lasting flexible contact with the intended surface. From a resilience point of view, tufts and bristles need to provide a consistent bending force, and remain separated and without fracturing or shedding of filaments. Handles and heads can be tested for bending strength, filaments can be flexed, and surface friction measured. How good are your brushes for their intended tasks?
Mecmesin testing machines can flexibly perform any of these tests, whether for the largest industrial machine brush heads, a paintbrush, toothbrush, or very small wire-wound surgical or cosmetics brush.



Furniture and soft furnishings

Affordable testers and expert service, for furniture and soft furnishings

compression test flexure bend test tensile strength test    
compression flexure tensile strength    

Do your furnishings products bounce back as they should? Do you test your suppliers’ materials for consistency? Do you have a testing system so that you can test your products in-house and save money on expensive outsourcing? Among all the tests that furniture requires, some require testing for repeated use and performance. Components designed for bending or cushioning should return consistently and predictably to form. Furniture coverings and fastenings can be tested, as can adhesive bonds of joints. Struts, strapping and foams can be tested for flexure, for compression and recovery. Mecmesin MultiTest systems and fixtures are an affordable and versatile solution for these aspects of furniture and soft furnishings.



Glass and ceramics

Affordable testers and expert service, for glass and ceramics

top load test flexure bend test      
top-load flexure      

How tough is your toughened glass? How much force can your ceramic floor tiles take? Or how high do you stack your bottles? Is that new jar design as strong as the last? A computerised compression testing system will tell you, accurately, every time.

Though stronger than plastic containers, glass is also heavier, and the same requirement applies, to balance weight and strength whilst optimising material thickness. Whilst a PET bottle will ‘give’ under top-load, glass failure is catastrophic. Testers with higher crush capacity and safety enclosures are therefore required. Ceramic materials and glass panels are tested for their flexural strength and breaking point, using three-point bend fixtures. For all these applications, Mecmesin MultiTest universal testing machines provide an ideal solution.



Laminated cards and security tags

Affordable testers and expert service, for laminated cards and security tags

flexure bend test peel test pull-off pull-out test tensile strength test  
flexure peel pull-off / pull-out tensile strength  

It’s a tough world for those cards and tags. Have you found total confidence in reliable and repeatable testing of your security items? Have you considered a computer controlled universal tester? The two main factors in security tags and cards of all kinds, are durability and resistance to misuse. Regular testing ensures quality assurance, but a variety of tests are required. Identity cards must not peel, even if edges become damaged, and there must be no way of delaminating them in order to alter their details.

Chips in finance cards must not lift or become displaced by regular use in readers over their intended lifespan. Security tags in stores must be easily released from goods legitimately, but be strong enough not to be released my manual means. Animal identity tags in agriculture are also part of veterinary tracking, so strength alone (resistance in normal use) is not the only requirement. A tag must also become unusable once separated. For all these tests, Mecmesin MultiTest tensile testers provide the required versatility, including design by our engineers of custom fixtures if required.



Locks, catches and clips

Affordable testers and expert service, for locks, catches and clips

closure torque test pull-off pull-out test tensile strength test flexure bend test  
closure torque pull-off / pull-out tensile strength flexure

Confident in every click? Whatever it is that clicks into place, you can measure precisely what it takes, and whether it’s the smooth, positive action you intend.

Locks, catches and clips are found everywhere, from ultra-high security, to everyday use, simply as exchangeable fastenings, and down to the lightest hold. In most cases they must operate within given tolerances to lock, unlock, simply hold, and provide correct resistance to opening. Cyclic testing for wear and tear may also be a requirement, and they may be combined with the operation of locks and handles. Release forces and closure effort are frequently very different, so for example measuring a high tensile strength but also a manually-applied locking movement can be quite different tests. Mecmesin MultiTest series universal force testers are ideal, with appropriate loadcells and fixtures for different applications.

Mecmesin Vortex torque testers provide all you need for rotary locks and clips. It can also be necessary to measure locks and catches in situ, requiring hand-held instruments. Mecmesin digital force gauges provide the accuracy and means of data capture for these applications.



Manual handling

Affordable testers and expert service, for manual handling

physiological test        
physiological strength        

Do you know what it takes to lift, pull or push goods or equipment in your workplace? Digital force gauges at the point of use can help you provide the right advice for health and safety. A central aspect of health and safety in manual handling involves assessment of the manual effort required to push, pull or turn heavy or bulky items.

If there are limits at which handling equipment is to be advised, then the actual forces required must be measured. Mecmesin provides a range of digital instruments and sensors that can be used in flexible combinations as required by actual working environments.



Magnets and solenoids

Affordable testers and expert service, for magnets and solenoids

tensile strength test pull-off pull-out test      
tensile strength pull-off / pull-out      

New high-strength magnets have taken over in the home, office and in clothing and jewellery, where adhesives or mechanical studs used to be. Unlike poppers and clips, they require no force to attach, but have you selected the right magnet? How do you test for this? Neodymium magnets are also widely used as fasteners for bags, jewellery and clothing, and here the pull strength must be strong enough for retention without damaging the items they secure when pulled apart.

Testing the design and suitability of electromagnets, relays and solenoids can also include the application of different electrical inputs, to determine performance through the complete travel of moving parts. This profile of magnetic devices is vitally important for accurate and predictable behaviour. A Mecmesin MultiTest tensile tester with Emperor™ control and analysis software will provide a complete picture of the forces over distance in magnetic and electromagnetic devices, as well as applying a wider range of tension or compression tests on the assemblies where they are in use.



Manual controls and switches

Affordable testers and expert service, for manual controls and switches

compressive strength test tensile strength test torque to turn test pull-off pull-out test  
compressive strength tensile strength torque to turn pull-off / pull-out  

Does it twist, slide or press as designed, and is this a subjective impression? Or have you tested your controls against objective criteria, using an accurate programmable test system for repeatable testing?

Manual controls, pedals and switches are designed for positive or smooth action and ease of use. Human forces or effort applied to foot- or hand-operated equipment in normal use are used to derive test programs based on an expected range of forces.

These objective measures can be used to ensure over-application of force does not break a control, or lead to malfunction. Mecmesin MultiTest force test systems with Emperor™ control software provide the required repeatability and accuracy for production line quality control as well as for design, to show not just operating force, but any lack of smoothness or overtravel, which may indicate manufacturing problems. Hand-held digital instruments from Mecmesin are also widely used to measure operation of controls in situ, rather than as a component bench test.



Paper-based goods

Affordable testers and expert service, for paper-based goods

puncture resistance test tear test friction test    
puncture resistance tear friction    

The virtue of paper is in being highly printable, with good tensile strength. Its tear properties make it suitable for intended easy opening, but can present difficulties in handling. Mechanised print and production moves paper at very high speeds, so understanding the tear resistance of each paper type and its friction properties is very important so that machinery can be properly adjusted. With so many paper types from different sources, and their varieties of coatings, a Mecmesin MultiTest universal tester, programmed for each type of test, is an invaluable cost and time saving investment.



Plastic films and foils

Affordable testers and expert service, for plastic films and foils

friction test compressive burst test penetration resistance test pull-off (blocking resistance) test puncture resistance test
coefficient of friction compressive burst penetration resistance pull-off (blocking resistance) puncture resistance
tear test tensile strength test      
tear tensile strength      

Do you have an accurate and ongoing picture of the performance of your foils or films? Whether as a manufacturer, supplier or user, regular test data and analysis are essential to keep things rolling smoothly.

Films and foils are widely used for labelling and for sealing. In production, inks and adhesives are applied, and they may be heat-sealed onto blister packs or retort containers. They may simply be used to wrap, or be used to create laminates. Friction properties are therefore an essential part of production flow, as are resistance to tearing, stretching and blocking.

Mecmesin MultiTest systems and fixtures provide all you need for any of the required performance tests for your foils and films, including peeling and bursting after application, for example in packaging.



Plastic components and subassemblies

Affordable testers and expert service, for plastic components and subassemblies

compression test pull-off pull-out test tensile strength torque to turn  
compression pull-off / pull-out tensile strength torque to turn  

The only way to test the resilience of many products is to subject them to forces beyond specification, as complete assemblies. It is one thing to test component parts, but how they interact in a complex assembly can be less predictable. It may be the integrity of the item that requires being pulled, pushed or twisted, or a moving part needing to be taken to extremes, but it is the working of the whole together that needs testing.

Does one part distort or break first, and what does this lead to as a consequence? Mecmesin MultiTest tension and compression testers can apply forces from less than 1 kN up to 50 kN. The Emperor™ control and analysis software provides fully-programmed repeatable testing, with complete detail in the response of the assembly to the applied forces. The same tester can be used in tension of compression to apply a variety of tests, with programs recalled at the touch of a button.



Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and labels

Affordable testers & expert service, for pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and labels

peel adhesion test tear test tensile strength test    
peel tear tensile strength    

Do your customers stick with you? Routine quality testing of your tapes and labels for peel, stretch and tear will help ensure they do.

Pressure sensitive adhesives may be required for a very strong fixing, or to be peeled for opening and resealing. Some may be used for security and must result in the destruction of a label, for example, if peeling is attempted. Standard methods set by PST, Afera and ASTM for PSA tapes and labels are commonly used.

These define the sample preparation and mounting method, the type of peel test applied, and require standard test equipment for maximum repeatability. Mecmesin MultiTest systems are an affordable and versatile solution to all your peel test requirements.



Seals and seams

Affordable testers and expert service, for seals and seams

compressive burst test lap shear test peel adhesion test pull-off pull-out test tensile strength
compressive burst lap shear peel pull-off / pull-out tensile strength

Seals and seams, whether elastic, adhesive or welded, are designed to hold under various forces that may drive or pull them apart. Failure may be due to internal pressure, peeling or tensile shear. Some seals are designed to fail at a given force, either for opening or to release pressure for safety. In all cases, the point of failure is important, and for all test types there is a suitable Mecmesin MultiTest, computer-controlled for repeatable testing at the touch of a button. Routine testing of seal strength is a vital part of quality assurance, and is best done at the point of production.