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Golf Ball Deflection Test


A golf ball manufacturer has factories based in both the US and India. The test requires the hardness of different grades of golf ball to be measured, in order to maintain consistency in their manufacturing process and offer the same quality of product from both factories. As far as possible, the manufacturer wished to simulate the fast speed contact of a golf club to the ball, so a speed of 20”/min was selected.


Mecmesin supplied a MultiTest 1-i, capable of testing forces up to 1000 N, an S-Beam loadcell and two flat compression plates. For reliable result accuracy, the golf ball is placed on top of one compression plate, maximising surface contact. To perform the test, the compression plate is lowered at a speed of 20”/min. Once the plate makes initial contact with the top of the golf ball, a ‘touch‘ is registered. The system begins measurement at zero from this point. The compression plate continues to apply a load up to a maximum force of 200 lbf, then pauses for 2 seconds. Two measurements are made;

  1. deflection of the golf ball at 200 lbf
  2. deflection of the golf ball after 2 seconds to determine the relaxation

Due to the hardness of the material, it is important that the system compensate for movement of the loadcell. The MultiTest-i test system is integrated with ‘system deflection compensation‘, which is automatically applied to maintain result accuracy. The MultiTest-i system is controlled via PC, enabling test data to be displayed graphically. A correlation between tests is, therefore, easily identified on screen by overlaying test traces, with further assessment options available to the operator to undertake statistical analyses.

This test gave the company a clear indication of product performance and enabled them to establish criteria and benchmarks for future product assessments.


  • MultiTest 1-i
  • ILC-S 1000 N loadcell
  • 19mm Ø flat compression platen (to perform deflection test)
  • Flat compression platen (to position golf ball)