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Mecmesin Solutions for Food and Agriculture

Mecmesin are the UK distributor for Food Technology Corporation (FTC), a leading manufacturer of food texture analysers with over 40 years’ dedicated experience in the field.

Throughout the production chain, crops, animal feedstuffs and produce are driven to quality standards, and to trade and consumer expectations. In the past, expert, but subjective, testing has provided guidance on texture and mouthfeel of end products. However, sensory characteristics such as firmness, stickiness, crunchiness, and brittleness can be turned into objective data for repeatable mechanical testing with a food texture analyser. As a test for ripeness, baking quality, formulation comparison or new product development, our machines provide the ideal solution for quality assurance.

Texture Lab Pro software provides fully programmable, sophisticated control and data analysis, for both laboratory and production environments, on our TMS range of machines.

Test to published international standards and internal specifications.

Agriculture in addition involves testing of foodstuffs, crop strength characteristics, soil structures, and of course a great deal of equipment for construction, plus all the mechanisation involved.

For these aspects, see also:Construction, Fabrics and Textiles, General Engineering, Medical and Veterinary, Product Safety, and Transport


See examples of our capabilities

Click these examples of products our clients are testing using Mecmesin systems


Drive belts, conveyors and webs

Affordable testers and expert service, for drive belts, conveyors and webs

friction test puncture resistance test peel test tear test tensile strength test
friction puncture resistance peel tear tensile strength

When conveyors break down, production stops, resulting in lost time and money. Are you confident of your specifications and the durability of your products? Computerised testing helps strengthen your brand identity.

The components of drive belts and conveyors involve bearings, link elements, weld joins and belt membranes. These require rigorous testing in design and as assemblies, for which Mecmesin tensile testers are an ideal solution. Whether the tensile strength of a link, the adhesive strength of a weld, separation of layers or elongation at break, we can supply the appropriate and affordable tester and fixtures.



Food containers

Affordable testers and expert service, for food containers

peel test tear test puncture resistance test compressive burst test top load crush test
peel tear puncture resistance compressive burst top-load

Do your cartons look good on the supermarket shelf? Does anyone get frustrated because a container has collapsed in their bag, or won’t open easily at home? Test before it happens, and protect your brand. Food containers, packaging and trays provide mechanical protection for contents. The seal for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), or for retorts and pouches of fluid contents, clearly must provide maximum seal but be readily opened by peel or tear. For stocking and stacking in-store, trays and cartons require crush resilience, whilst lids, closures and perforations must be user-friendly.

At the level of construction, the creasing force of carton packaging and unfolding force is important for the filling machines, since packs supplied flat must open without bending or tearing. A wide variety of materials are used, increasingly with an eye to minimising, or using recycled constituents, so testing in design as well as quality assurance for use, is essential. A Mecmesin universal test system provides an affordable and versatile solution for all these test requirements, from design to production-floor quality control.



Laminated cards and security tags

Affordable testers and expert service, for laminated cards and security tags

flexure bend test peel test pull-off pull-out test tensile strength test  
flexure peel pull-off / pull-out tensile strength  

It’s a tough world for those cards and tags. Have you found total confidence in reliable and repeatable testing of your security items? Have you considered a computer controlled universal tester? The two main factors in security tags and cards of all kinds, are durability and resistance to misuse. Regular testing ensures quality assurance, but a variety of tests are required. Identity cards must not peel, even if edges become damaged, and there must be no way of delaminating them in order to alter their details.

Chips in finance cards must not lift or become displaced by regular use in readers over their intended lifespan. Security tags in stores must be easily released from goods legitimately, but be strong enough not to be released my manual means. Animal identity tags in agriculture are also part of veterinary tracking, so strength alone (resistance in normal use) is not the only requirement. A tag must also become unusable once separated. For all these tests, Mecmesin MultiTest tensile testers provide the required versatility, including design by our engineers of custom fixtures if required.