Actuation force of pump dispenser


  • Motorised test stand
  • Digital gauge for display
  • Universal fixture to push and pull the cap


  • Simple and repeatable test procedure for operators
  • Low cost
  • Fixture accomodates a range of dispenser designs


The customer manufactures a range of dispensing pumps for the cosmetic and beauty-care industry. A requirement was identified to measure the actuation force of the pump assembly and the pull-off force of the pump handle. The system needed to be quick and simple for operators to use within a production environment.


The VersaTest motorised test stand was chosen as it gave the necessary repeatability and consistency independent of operator, which a manual stand could not. A universal fixture was designed to hold the pump assembly securely for both tensile and compressive tests.

The 5000Hz sampling rate of the 500 N Advanced Force Gauge ensured the most accurate reading for the pull of test. The dual peak hold feature of the AFG also allowed quick and simple recording of peak values in both directions. The ease of use meant that large batches could be tested very quickly.

Test equipment

  • VersaTest Stand
  • AFG 500 N
  • Universal Fixture to push and pull the cap

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