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Mecmesin Solutions for Education

Force and torque measurement is a central part of many education courses, and essential in applied research. Mecmesin universal testers provide an affordable and ideal introduction to all forms of testing on design, engineering and even physiology courses.

Test to, and demonstrate, international standards and methods: ASTM, BS EN, ISO, DIN, CEN

See also: Construction, General Engineering, Product Safety, Sport and Leisure


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Construction materials

Affordable testers and expert service, for construction materials

compression test compressive shear test flexure bend test lap shear test penetration test
compression compressive shear flexure lap shear penetration resistance
puncture resistance test tensile strength test      
puncture resistance tensile strength      

Are your building supplies up to scratch, guaranteed to perform as intended? Are you testing or trusting? New EU standards in construction materials may place new requirements on your business. Across the construction industry almost any kind of material and fabrication requires testing, from setting concrete, to blocks, beams, panels, tiles and membranes.

Mecmesin hand-held devices and sensors provide reliability and accuracy for in-situ testing, whilst our bench-top MultiTest universal testers offer everything you need for tensile and compression testing.



Engineering assemblies and components

Affordable testers and expert service, for engineering assemblies and components

torque to turn test compression test fastening torque test closure torque test tensile strength test
torque to turn compression fastening torque closure torque tensile strength
pull-off pull-out test flexure bend test static and kinetic friction test    
pull-off / pull-out flexure static and kinetic friction      

The design of your component was good, the materials well selected, but have you a means of testing the production line output for quality and compliance to specification? Are they strong enough? Tight enough? Moving as they should?

Testing the robustness and integrity of individual and assembled components can involve almost any kind of test. The important factors are deriving repeatable test programs where industry standards may not apply, and gripping the part correctly for consistent testing. Mecmesin’s Emperor™ software is fully programmable, with test programs retained in a library for instant recall. Emperor can be used to analyse the results, and give instant pass/fail indication. In a production environment our touch-screen controlled testers provide ease of use with minimal training.



Fabrics, textiles and yarns

Affordable testers and expert service, for fabrics, textiles and yarns

puncture resistance test tear test tensile strength test    
puncture resistance tear tensile strength    

Yes, we have even tested hot air balloon fabric! But you can test your own regular fabrics and yarns in-house to industry standards. Tensile and compression tests are applied to fabrics of any kind, to test resilience in use. Some tests, such as the Mullen burst, require dedicated machines, but universal testers, like the versatile Mecmesin MultiTest range, can be used for testing the tensile strength of yarns, tear resistance of woven fabrics, elongation of geomembranes, or resistance to puncture of materials in protective apparel.

The same machines can be used for fasteners, trimmings, stitching and seams, or the adhesive strength of Velcro strips.



Manual handling

Affordable testers and expert service, for manual handling

physiological test        
physiological strength        

Do you know what it takes to lift, pull or push goods or equipment in your workplace? Digital force gauges at the point of use can help you provide the right advice for health and safety. A central aspect of health and safety in manual handling involves assessment of the manual effort required to push, pull or turn heavy or bulky items.

If there are limits at which handling equipment is to be advised, then the actual forces required must be measured. Mecmesin provides a range of digital instruments and sensors that can be used in flexible combinations as required by actual working environments.



Medical devices and aids

Affordable testers and expert service, for medical devices and aids

pull-off pull-out test penetration resistance test tensile strength test puncture resistance test torque to turn test
pull-off / pull-out penetration resistance tensile strength puncture resistance torque to turn
peel test tear test friction test flexure bend test  
peel tear friction flexure  

If you manufacture or supply medical devices or aids, you need accurate and reliable computer-controlled testing systems. Few mass-produced disposable items require as high reliability as we expect from medical devices. A cannula, a Luer lock, a tube connector, dermal patch, bone screw or guide wire, are representative of very simple items with very high specification, to which international test standards are applied. Mecmesin universal testers and torque testers are used to apply these tests accurately and with complete repeatability.

They have the versatility to be programmed for the full range of test types required. Mecmesin test equipment is also used in medical research for the design of prosthetics and aids, to apply expected forces and measure the product response. Mecmesin universal MultiTest systems can be programmed with the required standards you need for rapid and reliable testing, including sample tracing for audit trail.




Affordable testers and expert service, for springs

compression test tensile strength test torque to turn    
compression tensile strength torque to turn    

If you produce of use springs, the chances are they are a mix of custom designs and standards. As a designer and producer, you want to know that the actual performance is held very tightly to specification. As a user, you know your brand depends on components such as these being reliable. Mecmesin spring testers are in use for the smallest precision torsion springs (using our Helixa torque tester) to high-end vehicle suspension springs (using our 50 kN MultiTest universal tester).