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Customised Testers

Mecmesin offers a range of horizontal testers, designed to enable testing to international standards for specific test applications such as coefficient of friction and pull testing of crimped terminals.

FPT-H1 Horizontal Dedicated Friction, Peel and Tear Tester


Our touch-screen and computer-controlled FPT-H1 testers are dedicated easy-to-use, affordable and robust systems for optimal coefficient of friction, peel and tear testing.

Built to exacting standards, yet affordable, the FPT-H1 provides the most accurate and detailed measurement, with guaranteed repeatability in testing. It is ideally suited for the packaging industry, for manufacturers, converters and users of paper, board and plastic films, plus coatings, floor coverings and textiles.

Key Features

  • Pre-programmed for instant selection of industry standard test methods e.g. BS EN ISO 8295, ASTM D1894, ISO 15359 and TAPPI T 549
  • Comprehensive range of friction, peel and tear fixtures
  • Interchangeable loadcells
  • Stainless steel horizontal plane
  • Available with integral console, or separate PC-control

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CrimpTest-1 kN Bench-top Pull-tester


The Mecmesin CrimpTest-1 kN is a horizontal, motorised wire terminal tester, designed for ease of use, rapid throughput and high duty cycle operation. Rugged construction, simple controls and a clear display make this compact, benchtop unit an ideal quality checking instrument for wire terminal manufacturing equipment, right at the point of production.

Key Features

  • One touch testing to 1 kN
  • Clear indication of pull-off load and pass/fail status.
  • Peak force at break is automatically calculated
  • Large, clear, colour display
  • Speed settings of 25, 50, 100 or 200 mm/min. to comply with all regular test standards
  • Horizontal, ergonomic design
  • IP52 rated against ingress of dust, wire fragments and water
  • range of standard fixtures
  • optional accessories for different terminal types & cable tie testing

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Mecmesin Page Pull Tester


The Mecmesin Page Pull Tester (formerly Smithers Pira Booktester) is used in over 100 binderies across the world. It provides a robust, economical and reproducible method of measuring the page pull strength of perfect-bound books. More…