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Mecmesin Solutions for the Cosmetics Industry

Optimise the design, usability and fitness-of-purpose of your cosmetics.

Conform to industry standards and achieve regulatory compliance e.g. ASTM, EN, ISO.

Do you know the precise force or torque to?

  • Open and close cosmetics containers, so that they are easy to open but protect the integrity of the product
  • Actuate your spray containers
  • Break a lipstick or eyeliner

For optimum test results and repeatability we have the solution for you!

Around the world many manufacturers of cosmetics and cosmetics packaging already use Mecmesin test equipment to test the quality, strength and performance of their products.

Our test solutions for Cosmetic testing applications include:

Compression Testing
  • Actuation force testing of sprays and dispensing pumps
  • Break strength testing of lipsticks, lip balms, lip liners and eye liners
  • Testing the compaction strength of powder compacts and eye shadows
  • Testing the force to dispense creams and lotions from containers and sachets
Torque Testing

Torque testing to assess:

  • Dispensing or retracting of lipsticks and lip balms
  • Opening, re-sealing and re-opening of containers and bottles