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Mecmesin Solutions for the Construction Industry

Force and torque testing within the construction industry concerns the integrity and resilience of materials, the methods of joining and fastening and their strength, and safety throughout.

  • tensile strength of cables
  • compressive strength of block materials
  • bending resistance and flexibility of beams or panels
  • shear and compressive strength of building materials and joined surfaces
  • pull-out force of fasteners and fixings
  • opening and closing torque of handles and winders
  • curing of shotcrete
  • compliance testing of health and safety appliances

It also involves the tools and mechanisms of construction for applying force and torque. Mecmesin systems and gauges are designed for the application of international and industry standards for quality and safety. Combined with our Emperor™ force and torque control and analysis software, there is complete flexibility for accurate and repeatable testing.


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See examples of our capabilities

Click these examples of products our clients are testing using Mecmesin systems


Adhesives, sealants and coatings

Affordable testers and expert service, for adhesives, sealants and coatings

compressive shear test lapshear test peel adhesion test pull-off pull-out test tensile strength test
compressive shear lap shear peel pull-off/pull-out tensile strength

Adhesives, sealants and coatings require testing in a number of quite different ways, depending on their type, location and purpose. How do they perform in actual use? A butt-joint test can be used to pull apart equal bonded surfaces to test either the adhesive bond, or a coating.

For flat coated or painted surfaces, a test dolly may be bonded before being pulled off. This will test the integrity of the bond and the adjacent surfaces, including the performance of multi-layered coatings. Where bonded surfaces are subject to lateral forces, rather than being pulled apart, then a tensile or compressive lap shear test is appropriate. Flexible bonded surfaces are more amenable to peel testing, for example laminated belts. In all cases, Mecmesin has a suitable universal tester and fixtures.



Chains, slings, strapping and tie-downs

Affordable testers and expert service, for chains, slings, strapping and tie-downs

tensile strength test        
tensile strength        

Do you have the means of testing your lifting straps and cargo tie-downs? Or tow ropes? Haulage companies can save time and money by regularly testing their own for safety compliance.

The haulage and heavy lifting industry use a wide variety of load restraints whose tensile strength must be assured for continued safe use. Clearly the tensile forces required are high, so Mecmesin twin-column MultiTest machines are a natural choice.

Grips suitable for different materials provide the means also for testing stitching, riveting and welds using the same machine.



Construction materials

Affordable testers and expert service, for construction materials

compression test compressive shear test flexure bend test lap shear test penetration test
compression compressive shear flexure lap shear penetration resistance
puncture resistance test tensile strength test      
puncture resistance tensile strength      

Are your building supplies up to scratch, guaranteed to perform as intended? Are you testing or trusting? New EU standards in construction materials may place new requirements on your business. Across the construction industry almost any kind of material and fabrication requires testing, from setting concrete, to blocks, beams, panels, tiles and membranes.

Mecmesin hand-held devices and sensors provide reliability and accuracy for in-situ testing, whilst our bench-top MultiTest universal testers offer everything you need for tensile and compression testing.



Cord, rope and netting

Affordable testers and expert service, for cord, rope and netting

tensile strength test        
tensile strength        

Are you paying for testing and certification, or confirming ratings of supplied lines? Perhaps you could save time and money by testing in-house.

Supplied frequently with strength rating, cord, rope and netting may also require repeat testing for safety assurance. Construction safety netting, for example, is required to be sampled periodically in order to be certified for use. Whilst there are companies that perform sample testing, this can result in equipment lying idle for an economic batch to accumulate. Mecmesin tensile testers can be used in-house, programmed for standard repeat testing, storing results and keeping expensive equipment in use.



Doors, windows and shutters

Affordable testers and expert service, for doors, windows and shutters

flexure bend test penetration test compression test pull-off pull-out test puncture resistance test
flexure penetration resistance compression pull-off / pull-out puncture resistance
tensile strength test Flexure bend      
tensile strength lap shear      

Aperture closures, aside from their durability, must be safe, reliable and easy to use. In combination with locks, handles and catches, it is frequently the effort required in using them that needs to be assessed.

Mecmesin instruments are used to measure the closing forces and safety response in sliding mechanised doors, for example, or window winders, and emergency exits. This can be best measured in situ, whilst the physical strength, for example of security shutters, can best be measured as a bench test. Mecmesin provides both accurate digital instruments and computer-controlled bench-top testers for these kinds of fabrications.



Fixings, fasteners and welds

Affordable testers and expert service, for fixings, fasteners and welds

pull-off pull-out test fastening torque test closure torque test tensile strength test  
pull-off / pull-out fastening torque closure torque tensile strength  

Are you auditing your torque fasteners? Pulling your fixings to destruction? Confident of every fastener? Regular computerised testing confirms the quality of supplies and of your constructions.

The integrity of assemblies and constructions almost invariably depends on the security of industrial fasteners and welds. The torque required to secure a threaded fastener, and to audit fastenings on completed assemblies, must be measured accurately and reliably. The tensile strength of the fastener itself has to be quality assured, and the force required to be held must be within adequate safety margins.  These tests require instruments that can provide reliable and repeatable test routines and profile movement and breakdown in fastened joints. Mecmesin test systems for force and torque, driven by Emperor™ control software, can provide for your needs with affordable versatility.



Glass and ceramics

Affordable testers and expert service, for glass and ceramics

top load test flexure bend test      
top-load flexure      

How tough is your toughened glass? How much force can your ceramic floor tiles take? Or how high do you stack your bottles? Is that new jar design as strong as the last? A computerised compression testing system will tell you, accurately, every time.

Though stronger than plastic containers, glass is also heavier, and the same requirement applies, to balance weight and strength whilst optimising material thickness. Whilst a PET bottle will ‘give’ under top-load, glass failure is catastrophic. Testers with higher crush capacity and safety enclosures are therefore required. Ceramic materials and glass panels are tested for their flexural strength and breaking point, using three-point bend fixtures. For all these applications, Mecmesin MultiTest universal testing machines provide an ideal solution.



Handles and winders

Affordable testers and expert service, for handles and winders

fastening torque test tensile strength test torque to turn test closure torque test pull off pull out test
fastening torque tensile strength torque to turn closure torque pull-off / pull-out

Many industries manufacture and use grips, handles and winders, from the very small, for example, watches, to the large, such as door handles in constant daily use. The effort required to use winders, whether manual or motorised, is an important factor in design and in assessment of durability. The performance of handles may be linked to locking mechanisms and spring strength, or to fixings in the case of rigid handles.

The variety of force and torque tests required can all be performed using Mecmesin test equipment, from the precision torque Helixa to the heavy-duty twin-column MultiTest compression tester. Since handles and winders are usually ergonomically designed, gripping them in test equipment may require custom-engineered fixtures. Mecmesin engineers regularly design and manufacture to customer requirement.



Manual handling

Affordable testers and expert service, for manual handling

physiological test        
physiological strength        

Do you know what it takes to lift, pull or push goods or equipment in your workplace? Digital force gauges at the point of use can help you provide the right advice for health and safety. A central aspect of health and safety in manual handling involves assessment of the manual effort required to push, pull or turn heavy or bulky items.

If there are limits at which handling equipment is to be advised, then the actual forces required must be measured. Mecmesin provides a range of digital instruments and sensors that can be used in flexible combinations as required by actual working environments.



Magnets and solenoids

Affordable testers and expert service, for magnets and solenoids

tensile strength test pull-off pull-out test      
tensile strength pull-off / pull-out      

New high-strength magnets have taken over in the home, office and in clothing and jewellery, where adhesives or mechanical studs used to be. Unlike poppers and clips, they require no force to attach, but have you selected the right magnet? How do you test for this? Neodymium magnets are also widely used as fasteners for bags, jewellery and clothing, and here the pull strength must be strong enough for retention without damaging the items they secure when pulled apart.

Testing the design and suitability of electromagnets, relays and solenoids can also include the application of different electrical inputs, to determine performance through the complete travel of moving parts. This profile of magnetic devices is vitally important for accurate and predictable behaviour. A Mecmesin MultiTest tensile tester with Emperor™ control and analysis software will provide a complete picture of the forces over distance in magnetic and electromagnetic devices, as well as applying a wider range of tension or compression tests on the assemblies where they are in use.



Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and labels

Affordable testers & expert service, for pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and labels

peel adhesion test tear test tensile strength test    
peel tear tensile strength    

Do your customers stick with you? Routine quality testing of your tapes and labels for peel, stretch and tear will help ensure they do.

Pressure sensitive adhesives may be required for a very strong fixing, or to be peeled for opening and resealing. Some may be used for security and must result in the destruction of a label, for example, if peeling is attempted. Standard methods set by PST, Afera and ASTM for PSA tapes and labels are commonly used.

These define the sample preparation and mounting method, the type of peel test applied, and require standard test equipment for maximum repeatability. Mecmesin MultiTest systems are an affordable and versatile solution to all your peel test requirements.



Rigid and flexible tubes and connectors

Rigid and flexible tubes and connectors

flexure bend test tensile strength test      
flexure tensile strength      

Don’t let your brand go down the tubes! Your customers can switch suppliers if your quality slips, but accurate, in-house, routine testing is affordable and practical. As gas or fluid conveyors, tubes may be installed and fixed, or mobile and flexible. All will be jointed and connected for purpose, and may be constricted if twisted or bent.

Knowing how far a bend can go, how strong a connection is, what force is required to pull a tube off or push it onto a connector, or to screw the parts together, is vital information, that can be acquired accurately with a tensile or compression tester. Mecmesin testers, for screw torque, flexure, tension and compression can meet all these needs, fully programmed for repeatable testing.



Seals and seams

Affordable testers and expert service, for seals and seams

compressive burst test lap shear test peel adhesion test pull-off pull-out test tensile strength
compressive burst lap shear peel pull-off / pull-out tensile strength

Seals and seams, whether elastic, adhesive or welded, are designed to hold under various forces that may drive or pull them apart. Failure may be due to internal pressure, peeling or tensile shear. Some seals are designed to fail at a given force, either for opening or to release pressure for safety. In all cases, the point of failure is important, and for all test types there is a suitable Mecmesin MultiTest, computer-controlled for repeatable testing at the touch of a button. Routine testing of seal strength is a vital part of quality assurance, and is best done at the point of production.




Affordable testers and expert service, for springs

compression test tensile strength test torque to turn    
compression tensile strength torque to turn    

If you produce of use springs, the chances are they are a mix of custom designs and standards. As a designer and producer, you want to know that the actual performance is held very tightly to specification. As a user, you know your brand depends on components such as these being reliable. Mecmesin spring testers are in use for the smallest precision torsion springs (using our Helixa torque tester) to high-end vehicle suspension springs (using our 50 kN MultiTest universal tester).



Wire rope fixings, ferrules and tethers

Wire rope fixings, ferrules and tethers

tensile strength test pull-off pull-out test      
tensile strength pull-off / pull-out      

The strength of any cable or wire rope is only as good as its attachments. Swages, eyes and shackles, terminals, clamps and ferrules on the cable, or eye-bolts that they attach to, can be the weakest point. These components can be bench-tested for correct fitting and tensile strength using Mecmesin MultiTest tensile testers. Where the application is, for example, on a vehicle or a building, hand-held digital instruments and sensors can be used.