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Computer-controlled torque testing with the new Vortex-i

Following the success of our new generation tension/compression testing systems controlled by Emperor software, Mecmesin Limited is pleased to announce the launch of `Vortex-i` - the new, ground-breaking, fully computer-controlled torque measurement system.

All the powerful, flexible and user-friendly characteristics of Emperor, upon which quality control professionals within many industrial sectors have been relying for a number of years, are now available for developing and controlling new torque testing programs and analyses. Emperor will enable you to design those critical test procedures specifically for evaluating your product(s).

Typical applications for the Vortex-i include:

  • measurement of torques which characterise screw closures, a key issue within the packaging and pharmaceutical industries
  • evaluation of chracteristic torques and angles of rotary switches (illustrated), an important issue in the automotive and electronics industries