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Compressive Burst - Capability Statements

Sachet burst strength testing fixture

Pharmaceutical sachet burst strength

Plastic sachets with welded seams are frequently used for measured applications of liquids, creams and gels. A quick quality test for their integrity involves compression either to burst, or to resist a defined compressive force. This may require containment for spillage, but also for alignment. Our client was testing pharmaceutical sachets.

Mecmesin designed a sliding container, engaging under the test compression plate with ball catches for exact axial placement. This enabled quick exchange of test samples for maximum throughput and repeatability.

Compressive burst test on a flexible welded seal

Flexible packaging weld seal compressive burst strength

The flexible consumer packaging solution, comprising a squeezable plastic tube with welded seals is a common and versatile option in household, cosmetics, healthcare and food industries. The manufacturer must ensure the long-term integrity of the packaging to contain a variety of products further down the supply chain. Poor quality in the seals will result in product leakage, either during production handling, transport or in use by the end consumer. Compressive burst testing at the manufacturing source may be implemented as part of a series of in-process verifications. An effective process requires a multipurpose probe design to cater for different sizes of package and still exert the stipulated pressure on the welds – this example utilises a cylinder-shaped compression fixture. A touch-screen console test stand facilitates rapid and consistent testing at the production site, by a simple button press to select pre-programmed routines. The results analysis software can indicate pass/fail conditions and highlight the onset of out-of-specification conditions.

Mecmesin Systems: Touch screen force test systems

Case Study: Flexible Packaging Seal Strength