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Mecmesin Solutions for Testing Adhesives and Coatings

Adhesives and coatings play a crucial role in almost every area of our lives, so testing their performance is vital. If they are designed to peel, they should do so consistently and predictably. If they are designed not to fail, then their behaviour before and at failure, in adhesion and cohesion, also matter. Mecmesin peel and pull-off testers and fixtures combine with our powerful Emperor™ control software to provide all you need. Its control and data analysis capabilities ensure accurate and repeatable testing every time.

From ultimate performance aerospace plasma coatings to the humble self-adhesive label, Mecmesin has a test solution for you.


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adhesives and coatings

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Adhesives, sealants and coatings

Affordable testers and expert service, for adhesives, sealants and coatings

compressive shear test lapshear test peel adhesion test pull-off pull-out test tensile strength test
compressive shear lap shear peel pull-off/pull-out tensile strength

Adhesives, sealants and coatings require testing in a number of quite different ways, depending on their type, location and purpose. How do they perform in actual use? A butt-joint test can be used to pull apart equal bonded surfaces to test either the adhesive bond, or a coating.

For flat coated or painted surfaces, a test dolly may be bonded before being pulled off. This will test the integrity of the bond and the adjacent surfaces, including the performance of multi-layered coatings. Where bonded surfaces are subject to lateral forces, rather than being pulled apart, then a tensile or compressive lap shear test is appropriate. Flexible bonded surfaces are more amenable to peel testing, for example laminated belts. In all cases, Mecmesin has a suitable universal tester and fixtures.



Boxes and cardboard packaging

Affordable testers and expert service, for boxes and cardboard packaging

compressive burst test compression test box crush test puncture resistance test tear test
compressive burst compression top-load puncture resistance tear

Transit packaging, or shipping containers, of lightweight multi-wall construction are tested for integrity under crush forces, swung-pendulum puncture resistance, drop testing and environmental variance (typically wet testing). Do you have your own regular means of testing new designs and the quality of materials from new suppliers? Mecmesin universal testers are ideally suited to box crush, crease, fold and bend strength, puncture resistance under maintained force, and tear resistance. With suitable fixturing, the range of industry standard methods for testing fibreboard, including edge crush, ring crush, flat crush and stiffness can be performed with our MultiTest range of universal testers.



Cosmetics packaging

Affordable testers and expert service, for cosmetics packaging

compressive burst test flexure bend test friction test peel test puncture resistance test
compressive burst flexure friction peel puncture resistance

What is the end-user experience of your cosmetics packaging towards end of use? Working well, or falling apart? Testing both helps your design and your quality assurance. Cosmetics packaging frequently features the means of application and dispensing, including propelling lipsticks, mascara brushes, pumps, sprays, and rollers. Many are designed for repeated use over considerable time. Mecmesin testers can meet the needs of the very light torque for a lipstick, through to the variety of tests required for assessing the integrity of more complex multi-part applicators.



Furniture and soft furnishings

Affordable testers and expert service, for furniture and soft furnishings

compression test flexure bend test tensile strength test    
compression flexure tensile strength    

Do your furnishings products bounce back as they should? Do you test your suppliers’ materials for consistency? Do you have a testing system so that you can test your products in-house and save money on expensive outsourcing? Among all the tests that furniture requires, some require testing for repeated use and performance. Components designed for bending or cushioning should return consistently and predictably to form. Furniture coverings and fastenings can be tested, as can adhesive bonds of joints. Struts, strapping and foams can be tested for flexure, for compression and recovery. Mecmesin MultiTest systems and fixtures are an affordable and versatile solution for these aspects of furniture and soft furnishings.



Laminated cards and security tags

Affordable testers and expert service, for laminated cards and security tags

flexure bend test peel test pull-off pull-out test tensile strength test  
flexure peel pull-off / pull-out tensile strength  

It’s a tough world for those cards and tags. Have you found total confidence in reliable and repeatable testing of your security items? Have you considered a computer controlled universal tester? The two main factors in security tags and cards of all kinds, are durability and resistance to misuse. Regular testing ensures quality assurance, but a variety of tests are required. Identity cards must not peel, even if edges become damaged, and there must be no way of delaminating them in order to alter their details.

Chips in finance cards must not lift or become displaced by regular use in readers over their intended lifespan. Security tags in stores must be easily released from goods legitimately, but be strong enough not to be released my manual means. Animal identity tags in agriculture are also part of veterinary tracking, so strength alone (resistance in normal use) is not the only requirement. A tag must also become unusable once separated. For all these tests, Mecmesin MultiTest tensile testers provide the required versatility, including design by our engineers of custom fixtures if required.



Magnets and solenoids

Affordable testers and expert service, for magnets and solenoids

tensile strength test pull-off pull-out test      
tensile strength pull-off / pull-out      

New high-strength magnets have taken over in the home, office and in clothing and jewellery, where adhesives or mechanical studs used to be. Unlike poppers and clips, they require no force to attach, but have you selected the right magnet? How do you test for this? Neodymium magnets are also widely used as fasteners for bags, jewellery and clothing, and here the pull strength must be strong enough for retention without damaging the items they secure when pulled apart.

Testing the design and suitability of electromagnets, relays and solenoids can also include the application of different electrical inputs, to determine performance through the complete travel of moving parts. This profile of magnetic devices is vitally important for accurate and predictable behaviour. A Mecmesin MultiTest tensile tester with Emperor™ control and analysis software will provide a complete picture of the forces over distance in magnetic and electromagnetic devices, as well as applying a wider range of tension or compression tests on the assemblies where they are in use.



Pharmaceutical and sterile packaging

Affordable testers and expert service, for pharmaceutical and sterile packaging

peel test tear test tensile strength test puncture resistance test penetration resitsance test
peel tear tensile strength puncture resistance penetration resistance

If you manufacture or supply pharmaceutical and sterile packaging, you need accurate and reliable computer-controlled testing systems to apply industry standard test methods. The most stringent standards apply to pharmaceutical and sterile packaging. Designed for maximum seal but minimum peel, aseptic semi-rigid and flexible packaging must survive sterilization processes and retain total integrity to the point of use, and then be opened, often with surgical gloves, in a predictable and controlled way.

Equally, elastomeric vial closures and blister packs must perform reliably, as must any external packaging. Only accurate and repeatable testing to industry standard methods can ensure full compliance with quality standards. Mecmesin universal MultiTest systems can be programmed with the required standards for rapid and reliable testing, including sample tracing for audit trail. Pharmaceutical packaging also makes use of tamper-evident and child-proof closures (CRCs), for which a Mecmesin Vortex torque tester is ideal. Using the same software as for the MultiTest, its operation requires little additional training.



Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and labels

Affordable testers & expert service, for pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and labels

peel adhesion test tear test tensile strength test    
peel tear tensile strength    

Do your customers stick with you? Routine quality testing of your tapes and labels for peel, stretch and tear will help ensure they do.

Pressure sensitive adhesives may be required for a very strong fixing, or to be peeled for opening and resealing. Some may be used for security and must result in the destruction of a label, for example, if peeling is attempted. Standard methods set by PST, Afera and ASTM for PSA tapes and labels are commonly used.

These define the sample preparation and mounting method, the type of peel test applied, and require standard test equipment for maximum repeatability. Mecmesin MultiTest systems are an affordable and versatile solution to all your peel test requirements.



Retort containers and pouches

Affordable testers and expert service, for retort containers and pouches

compressive burst test peel test puncture resistance test tear test  
compressive burst peel puncture resistance tear  

Probably all of us have felt frustration in opening a packet and having to resort to knife or scissors. Is your brand on that lid? In-house testing in the production line can ensure that it is not. Food pouches, popular for packing density and low-volume disposal, rely on welded seams, and have access point closures for peeling, piercing, tearing, and sometimes resealing. Retorts with peel-back lids should not tear or delaminate in the process.

All these tests, for opening, and for resilience in transit and perhaps refrigeration, can be performed with a Mecmesin MultiTest universal tester, fitted with the appropriate grips, fixtures and, if necessary, failure containment.



Toys and games

Affordable testers and expert service, for toys and games

compression test flexure bend test peel test pull-off pull-out test  
compression flexure peel pull-off / pull-out  
torque to turn puncture tear tensile strength  
torque to turn puncture resistance tear tensile strength  

Importers, manufacturers and retailers have a particular responsibility for children’s toys and games. Do you have the means to test your goods for compliance? Toy safety is strictly controlled to avoid the separation of parts that may present a choking hazard or cause an injury. In addition, toys will only be popular if they are durable and continue to perform after robust and sometimes unpredictable play.

Whether a feature is tested for detachment, a button is pressed to ensure its repeated function, or a part is flexed for strength, an ideal reliable and affordable solution for compression and tensile testing, is a Mecmesin MultiTest, with a range of suitable grips and fixtures.