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Torque tests, performed on pump dispensers, are helping one German manufacturer check seal quality to optimise their production.

Pfeiffer wanted to quantify the correct level of torque required to seal pump dispensers, commonly used within their dosing systems and atomisers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

A former customer of Mecmesin and, therefore, familiar with their products, Pfeiffer contacted the company again for this new application. It was critical to gain accurate data to prevent incorrect settings being applied on the production line, as this would result in poor performance of the pump dispenser and possible leakage of the container contents.

The ‘Tornado’ digital torque tester, from Mecmesin, is used to check the application and release torque of closures. A typical test involves a container sample held securely by four gripping pegs, enabling manual application of torque between 0.8 and 0.85N.m. Upon completion of the test, seal tightness is verified and the correct torque application determined.


“We perform a variety of tests on our pump products. One of which is to evaluate their release torque. In order to precisely apply torque to screw and unscrew the pumps, we use Mecmesin equipment. These instruments prove their value to us through their ease of use and accuracy.”

Christoph Szymiczek, Manager Technical Service, Aptar Pharma.


The Tornado is a simple and effective digital torque tester, providing consistent high accuracy results. A MK2 model supersedes the MK1 tester Pfeiffer use, offering even greater versatility. Available in 4 capacities, 1.5, 3, 6 and 10N.m, this manual torque tester records up to 500 readings, tests tamper-evident closures and enables results to be exported to peripheral devices such as PC’s and printers for further analysis.

Find out how our latest Tornado torque tester can help you assess your products.

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