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pull-off pull-out testing iconPull-off/Pull-out Testers

Pull-off or pull-out testing involves the separation of two secured parts under tension. This may be to test the strength of crimped or welded wire terminals, the strength and integrity of adhesives and coatings (adhesion and cohesion within the layer), industrial fixings and fasteners, stoppers, lids and push-fit closures, fabric fastenings and trimmings, and joints in assemblies of any kind. In these tests, each part of a test sample must be held securely but in such a way as to not deform or alter the seam, weld or join under test. Mecmesin specialises in the design and manufacture of custom fixtures to meet specific needs.

Types of test

  • butt joint
  • parallel plate adhesion
  • pull-off / pull-out
  • wire terminals and connectors


Recommended Mecmesin Pull-out/Pull-off Testers




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