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physiological strength test iconPhysiological Strength Testers (Myometers)

We exert force and torque with our muscles, and as a result many tests that Mecmesin testers and gauges are to do with things that move to human effort, such as a pedal, a switch, a handle and so on. However, the same gauges can be used to assess muscle strength, and whilst not medical devices in themselves, provide accurate indication of musculoskeletal performance in cases of injury and recovery. Myometers are standard equipment for physiotherapists, and provide objective measurement.

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digital myometer for muscle testing

Developed in partnership with medical professionals, the Mecmesin Myometer enables strength assessment of the Constant Score allowing consultants and surgeons to routinely check and monitor patients. The Mecmesin Myometer measures isometric muscle strength and performs the following calculations directly relevant to the Constant Score:

  • Recorded load at 2 seconds
  • Recorded load at 3 seconds
  • Maximum tensile load
  • Mean load between 1 and 4 seconds