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Find All Your Grips & Fixtures, Loadcells And Accessories

accessories catalogue

New! Read our full colour Accessory Catalogue, packed full of useful information to enable customers to find the grips & fixtures to upgrade, replace and improve their test environment.

picture of force and torque testing accessories

Gripping a sample correctly for testing is a fundamental aspect of test repeatability. The sample must be held firmly enough not to slip, but not so as to distort it, or introduce localised changes in sample performance under load.

Appropriate fixtures combine:

  • characteristics for load or torque
  • size capacity
  • the surface of the grip faces
  • the method of tightening
  • adjustment for alignment
  • interchangeability.

In industry standard methods, the method of gripping is often specified. Mecmesin can provide a full range of approved grips and fixtures for use with all our systems and instruments.

Our accessories catalogue includes load and torque cells and sensors, cables and peripherals, grips and cradles: everything you require for a complete testing solution.